Getting a blonde hair colour like those stunning Hollywood models and actresses we saw on TV has been every girl’s secret dream while growing up. And if we are completely honest, there is just something innately glam about this hair colour.

But as stunning as this hair colour has the potential to look, it is also one colour that can go completely wrong and make you look quite weird if not done right, especially on Indian skin tones. It can make your hair look really brassy and dull down your complexion to a great extent. But IMO, this shouldn’t deter beauty junkies and hair colour experimenters like us from getting this colour now, right? And this is exactly why we are here today.

In this article, we are going to show you nine really stunning ways to flaunt a blonde hair colour with panache. Whether you prefer subtle highlights or are aiming to go all out, these really classy blonde hair colour ideas are the bomb and should be right up your alley. Excited, aren’t you? Let’s get started!


1. Cashew blonde

Cashew blonde

Image courtesy: @happyinthehead  

Indian girls with cool pink undertones should really try a beautiful cashew blonde hair colour. Also known as a chestnut blonde, this hair is really trendy and helps add a lot of brightness to your features. If you are planning to get this blonde hair colour option, ask your stylist to give you a combination of highlights and lowlights to add more movement and prevent the colour from falling flat after a few washes.


2. Honey blonde

Honey blonde

Image courtesy: @aanamc

An amazing option for the winters, honey blonde is another hair colour that looks really stunning on all Indian skin tones. The best thing about this colour is its warm undertones, which makes it suitable for both global hair colouring as well as highlights. Additionally, if you are scared of bleaching your hair and are looking for a blonde hair colour that would show up on unbleached dark natural hair, then this one’s for you.


3. Yellow blonde

Yellow blonde

Image courtesy: @moifernandezphoto

This is a classic blonde hair colour that has been a favourite amongst women of all age groups. The yellow blonde hair colour features really bright golden undertones and looks lovely on women with medium to dusky skin tones. If you are planning to get this hair colour, avoid getting global colour as it can look really stark against Indian skin tones. Balayage or a few highlights mixed with a warmer hair colour would be the best option.


4. Ash blonde

Ash blonde

Image courtesy: @aashnashroff

Girls who don’t like or are bored with usual hair colour options for Indian skin tones, must try this edgy ash blonde hair colour. The cool undertones of this hair colour looks really pretty on girls with fair and medium skin tones. If going for a full-on global hair colour seems a bit intimidating, then getting ash blonde highlights also looks really classy and trendy. Take cues from Aashna Shroff and ensure that you keep your roots a little darker to prevent looking washed out.


5. Caramel blonde

Caramel blonde

Image courtesy: @diogoguerrahairstylist

There is just something about caramel hair colours we really love, and this caramel blonde hair colour is no different. It is the perfect way to add a little depth, dimension and warmth to a uniform brown hair colour without going too light. A lot of celebrities and influencers opt for this hair colour as it really compliments all Indian skin tones and brightens up even the dullest of complexions.


6. Butterscotch blonde

Butterscotch blonde

Image courtesy: @jenniferatcoven

People who find caramel blonde hair colour a little too light should consider going for this butterscotch blonde hair colour instead. The perfect cross between brown and blonde, this stunning hair colour will add a lot of movement and texture to your hair. Either go for balayage hair colour or ombré highlights to do full justice to this stunning blonde hair colour option.


7. Rose gold blonde

Rose gold blonde

Image courtesy: @stylistmorgandaly

Another really striking yet totally offbeat hair colour option for Indian girls is this rose gold blonde. The rich rose gold hue interspersed with a beautiful caramel blonde sits so well against dark Indian hair, don’t you think? If you are looking for a blonde hair colour that is not run-off-the-mill, yet isn’t OTT either, then this one right here should totally appeal to you.


8. Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde

Image courtesy: @fernandabayliss

Strawberry blonde may sound like a hair colour that as an Indian girl, you’d rather stay away from, right? But don’t worry, because if done right, this hair colour manages to look extremely stunning. Lovely blonde hair colour with red undertones, this one is absolutely stunning for a global colour or even highlights; it all depends on your personal preference. A lovely ombré balayage with your natural hair colour will look really stunning on all Indian skin tones.


9. Champagne blonde

Champagne blonde

Image courtesy: @urb16

Another one for all the girls who love to experiment with their hair colour, this champagne blonde hair colour totally has our heart. This stunning balayage with yellow blonde and champagne colours will help light up your features so beautifully and give your hair that hard-to-miss glow. If you get this hair colour done, don’t forget to wash your hair with a colour-protecting shampoo to prevent the hair colour from washing away too quickly or turning brassy.


FAQs about blonde hair colours

FAQs about blonde hair colours

Q. What hair colours are going to be in for 2021?

A. 2021 is expected to be a year that will be totally huge for hair colours. Trends like cherry red, burgundy, ash blonde, copper highlights, etc., are expected to be totally huge next year.

Q. How do you keep coloured hair healthy?

A. Coloured hair requires proper care and treatment, and therefore it is really important that you use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner. Avoid applying heat to your hair every single day as that can damage the hair, fade the colour faster and make your hair appear dull, frizzy and brassy. Also, apart from conditioning after every hair washes, it is important to use a colour protecting hair mask in your weekly hair colour. This will hydrate and moisturise your strands while ensuring that they look soft and shiny for a longer period of time.

Q. Why is my hair so frizzy after colouring it?

A. The chemicals present in hair dyes tend to strip your hair of natural oils, leaving them dry and frizzy. Additionally, if you have bleached your hair, this problem can be a lot worse. To prevent hair colour from damaging your hair, it is really important to go to a professional instead of colouring your own hair at home. Additionally, follow some post-colour tips to prevent your hair from becoming extra dull and frizzy.

Main image courtesy: @aashnashroff and @thatbohogirl