Botox Hair Treatment: Your Full Guide

Written by Anushka ShahDec 07, 2022
Botox Hair Treatment: Your Full Guide

When you hear the B-word AKA Botox, you can be partially sure about what we’re talking about. Akin to what botox mainly does, adds fullness, hair botox essentially brings that volume and life into your locks. However, to get technical and shed light on everything about the hair botox treatment, we’re going to take you through it all! 

Away from the needles scaries, the hair botox treatment gently takes your hair through the anti-ageing side of it all. Let’s say, you feel your hair has gotten old; weak, damaged, thin and moreso, it looks lifeless. Or even, the season’s around you have a maj influence on your strands. If you live in a humid city like me (thanks, Mumbai), your out of control frizz may make you consider hair botox. Wonder why? Well, because this hair botox treatment is all about topical conditioning that nourishes your hair with a bunch of essential proteins, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, vitamin B5, collagen compounds, and lipids. Reviving your locks’ youthfulness, the hair botox treatment is an A1 way of regaining your compliment-worthy locks.  

Plus, if you’re thinking the hair botox treatment fits into the cysteine and keratin family, you may need a little fact check for this procedure doesn’t promise straightening just absolute hydration and TLC. Essentially, a formaldehyde-free and chemical-free condition treatment - it keeps the baddies away to give you nothing but a shiny and smooth mane. So, now that you’re on the verge of booking your salon appointment, let’s give you some more insight into the hair botox world - after all, if you’re making a hair-related investment, you have to be informed.  

6 Botox Hair Treatment Tips  

All that you got to know is already here, ladies  

Botox Hair Treatment Step 1: Wash it up 

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You always need a clean slate for best results and that’s where washing crops up. Freeing your hair of all those elements that lead to a #badhairday, a good wash (esp by a professional) knows how to get rid of any dirt and product that be loading your scalp or clinging onto your strands. A nice foamy wash with a shampoo that’s all-kind and natural (yes, we mean no sulphates or parabens) will help open your hair’s cuticles and promote better conditioner absorption. If you have a trusted shampoo in mind, well and good but if not, we’re fans of the Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Repair Sulphate-Free Shampoo. Giving your hair recovery from that heavy heat and styling routines, it’s all you need to kickstart your hair botox treatment.  

Botox Hair Treatment Step 2: Botox bits  

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Once, your locks are all washed up - you don’t have to fall back on your go-to conditioner or to say, there’s no ASAP conditioning happening. However, what does happen is once your locks are dried, the hair botox treatment (the protein party) is coated with your hair for about 45 minutes. Straight from your roots to the ends, the mixture doesn’t neglect a single inch of your strands. After all, all the hurt parts need that botox loving. Once you’ve been patient and the magical conditioner has done its workings, expect another wash! PS: you’re a step closer to your dream mane.  

Botox Hair Treatment Step 3: Seal the deal 

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Once done, you can expect the fascinating step- a straightening tool is used to seal the proteins. The heat ensures all that nutritive goodness of the botox hair treatment makes one with your strands for a long period of time. However, it depends on what your hair expert feels stands for! If they believe in straightening - so be it and at times or if they may be promoters of the no drying route, allow them to take the lead.  

Moreover, some people might want to try the treatment at home (us lazy girls never go out of fashion!) However, an in-salon service promises better and more professional results. So, give your lazy bones a move and take the time and make your way to a parlour. At the end of it, that little effort can go a long (beauty) way. 

Care Tips After Botox Hair Treatment 

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You have to manage the tresses to save yourself from ‘em stresses!  

Although the hair botox treatment is a chemical-free treatment, expect some damage due to the heat straightening. So as to say, high intensity iron on your locks may cause some shock - which is why, you’ll have to be a bit more careful of how you love your locks post the hair botox treatment. And here’s an in and out of it all.  

  • To give your hair that deep conditioning dose, ensure to apply a hair mask to your strands once a week or once in 10 days. What will this do? Well, it will keep the dryness drama at bay and the repairing ongoing.  If you’re scrolling online, wondering which best-in-class hair mask to add to your cart, let us help you out. Pick none other than Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask. Loaded with moisturising cream and keratin actives, the goodness of their hair mask seeps deep into your strands, keeping the effects of the botox treatment in action and also, giving your mane more magic. Make sure, you’re being generous in application!  

  • We totally get it - we all want to give our hair those tight tongs and that poker straight gloss when we’re stepping out. However, now that the botox hair treatment has overdosed your hair on the heat quotient, take it slow. Thinking how? Air-dry your hair without blasting heat orelse, use heat-protectant to reduce the damage. Little decisions everyday will lead to stronger locks that look like they’ve been #botoxed!  

  • If you know about what SPF does for your skin, you’re sure to know what the sun can do to your hair. Which is why, we suggest keeping your mane protected by covering your head. You can go the style mile, by getting your hands on a hat or even a scarf. Let the fashion roll.  

 FAQs about Botox Hair Treatment Every Girl Needs  

All the scoop about the talk of the town - the hair botox treatment  

Q1 Will hair botox impact my hair’s colour? 

If your hair is dyed, you may notice a difference in your colour’s appearance. The injected vitamins have a hold on your hair’s hue and its shade. So, be prepared to notice a shift if the hair botox treatment is on the agenda.  

Q2 Can hair botox be done on curly hair? 

Like all other hair types, curly locks will also get the best of the hair botox treatment; hydration, softness and frizz settlement.   

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