Botox, or botulinum toxin, has gained a lot of popularity in the beauty space in the past decade. Social media influencers and celebrities have started to talk about it more freely, giving the tabooed skin treatment a more acceptable, even desirable, context. While botox for skin focuses on smoothing out signs of ageing, like fine lines and wrinkles, botox hair treatment is very different. For starters, botox for hair does not actually contain the botulinum toxin compound and is not an injectable procedure. It rather just borrows the “botox” name for a deep conditioning treatment applied topically that works in “reversing time” for damaged tresses. Confused? Let's take a look at this trendy hair treatment in detail. 

botox hair treatment woman long brown hair

Botox Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair: The Basics  

What is botox hair treatment? Unlike keratin and cysteine treatments, hair botox is a formaldehyde-free and non-chemical, deep conditioning treatment. The process involves coating the surface of your hair with less damaging botox hair treatment products to help fight frizz and improve the look of dull, damaged hair. This means that while hair botox does offer some straightening benefits, it is not at par with pure straightening treatments. But it does help rebuild broken and thicken thin areas in your hair fibres to make them look and feel voluminous and soft. 

Even though hair botox treatment is non-chemical in nature, one of the botox hair treatment side effects is that the heat straightening step can incur some damage. So, before you start searching for botox hair treatment price in India, or botox hair treatment price in Delhi, here are some of the ways to best take care of botoxed hair, and make the effects last. 

botox hair treatment woman hair wash Love Beauty and Planet Apple Cider Vinegar & Jasmine Sulfate Free Shine

Make sure to use a hair cleanser that is sulphate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free. Always follow up with a conditioner to keep any kind of dryness at bay. For example, you can pick up Love Beauty and Planet Apple Cider Vinegar & Jasmine Sulfate Free Shine Shampoo with plant-based cleansers and organic coconut oil to keep your hair shiny and smooth. It’s a perfect combo with Love Beauty and Planet Apple Cider Vinegar & Jasmine Sulfate Free Shine Conditioner that deeply nourishes your hair and leaves a flowery scent on your tresses. 

botox hair treatment woman hair mask Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil & Lavender, Paraben Free Smooth & Serene

Indulge in a deep conditioning hair masking session once a week and use a repairing formula to help reverse daily environmental damage done on the strands. To eliminate frizz and smooth your tresses, opt for Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil & Lavender, Paraben Free Smooth & Serene Hair Mask, that enriches your hair with goodness of organic and essential oils. Cut down on heat styling on a day-to-day basis to keep your strands healthy. When you do style your hair, use a heat protectant spray to cut down the damage, and follow up with a leave-in treatment afterwards. 

botox hair treatment woman long brown hair

A Closer Look at the Botox Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair  

What is botox treatment for hair? Hair botox treatments do not have a set to standard formula. So, when you’re looking for “botox hair treatment near me”, ask about the compound, because the formulas may differ. Some of the popularly known compounds used for the same are proteins, peptides, amino acids, vitamin B5, vitamins, collagen complex and lipids. They are combined with many other conditioning agents to “turn back the time” on your mane. The blend of ingredients, and the process involved, works as a filler for thinning hair fibres, thus the name “botox”. 

botox hair treatment woman long brown hair

Benefit 1: Youthful-looking hair 

One of the unwanted effects of ageing on your mane is that it starts to lose fullness and elasticity. A single session can turn you hair into more youthful-looking (with lesser damage); making it one of the most in-demand hair treatments today. That’s why hair botox treatment cost may seem high, but it’s worth it. 

Benefit 2: Hair smoothness 

The treatment is called botox for hair, because just like your skin, it fills your hair fibres to make it smoother and reduces frizz. If your hair is damaged, it becomes silkier and shinier after botox treatment, that deep conditions and adds lustre to tired tresses. 

Benefit 3: Hair straightening 

In the process of doing so, your hair texture is also straightened, adding loads of texture and shine for a lustrous finish. If you want to strengthen your damaged tresses, and eliminate split ends, it’s also highly recommended to search for “hair botox treatment near me”. 

Benefit 4: Suitable for all hair types 

Hair botox treatment is suitable for all hair types. Having said that, the results of the treatment will be more visible in hair that has previously been dry, damaged, frizzy and dull. Also, fine hair types can look at adding lots of volume in their mane with the treatment. 

Benefit 5: Less damaging 

The right kind of treatment for hair is decided on the hair type and the kind of results you want. Botox hair treatment reviews claim that while certain treatments give more visible results, botox treatments are known to be less damaging comparatively. Botox treatments are recommended to very fine and weak hair, which can be damaged with keratin treatments otherwise. However, if you are looking for a major hair makeover, a keratin or cysteine treatment can help alter the texture of hair fibre and offer a more permanent change. 

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FAQs about Botox Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair    

Is hair botox treatment permanent? 

Hair botox is a semi-permanent treatment and the amount of time it will last differs from person to person. On average, the treatment will last anywhere between 2-4 months, with varying results according to how fast your hair grows and new roots start to show. Brides-to-be often check the hair botox treatment price in India because it’s one of the most popular treatments to get before wedding.  

Can I dye my hair after a botox treatment? 

One of the hair botox treatment disadvantages, that it is not recommended to dye your hair right after a botox treatment. Before checking botox treatment for hair price and making an appointment, take a note that wait-time of at least 2 weeks should be applied before you dye your hair to avoid any unwanted side effects. The chemicals present in permanent dyes can irritate hair cuticles and reduce the lasting power of the botox treatment. 

Can hair botox affect already coloured hair? 

Yes, hair botox can affect the tone of already coloured hair. Which is why it is best to leave a good amount of time between getting a new colour and a botox treatment.