An Expert Guide To Choosing And Maintaining Your Hair Colour

Written by Pratishtha RanaNov 30, 2023
An expert guide to choosing and maintaining your hair colour

Do you know what the best kind of hair colour is? The one that lasts longer (or longest)! While it’s a superb sense of achievement to get your hair coloured and step out of the salon feeling all fab and ready to walk the red carpet, what’s heartbreaking is when the colour begins to fade after just 3-4 hair washes. Been there too? We hear ya!

To get to the root of this hair problem, we roped in Pooja Singh, National Creative Director – Hair, Lakmé Salon, to share her expert insights on choosing and maintaining your hair colour. Read on as the expert shares some of her pro tips on choosing the right hair colour and maintaining its vibrancy for as long as possible.


How to choose the right hair colour

Must-have products to maintain hair colour


Once you decide to give your hair a colour upgrade, you need to keep some pointers in mind before hitting the salon. From zeroing in on the correct shade to suit your skin tone to knowing the haircare routine post-colouring, some prerequisites ensure how long your hair colour will last.

1. Begin with hair consultation: When you book a detailed expert consultation at a Lakmé Salon outlet in your city, be prepared to discuss the A to Z of a hair colouring session. Singh elaborates, “You are assigned a hair expert, who first understands your hair care routine, lifestyle, profession and overall time spent on hairstyling.”

2.  Reference images: She adds, “While you’re at it, make sure to have a few reference images of your desired hair colour ready with you. It helps the expert know exactly the kind of end result you’re looking for.” Alternatively, you can also request reference photos to see how a certain shade will look in reality, and it will help you pin down whether you should go for drastic changes or subtle ones.

3. Keep your skin tone in mind: When it comes to skin tone, certain hair colours can make or break the overall look. So before diving into any colour, consider two things – colour shade and technique. As Singh explains, “Fair complexion can go for shades such as blonde, gold, light-warm or cool shades, while those with dusky complexion or warm skin tones can choose mahogany, chestnut, chocolate, burgundy and red shades.”

4. Colour combination: Remember to not select a hair dye that contrasts massively with your natural hair colour, as it may not look aesthetic and balanced. If you wish to go very light with highlights, then change the colour of the remaining hair so that it blends well with the highlight colour. Singh charts out the ideal combination of shades, which include light blonde or gold highlights with caramel, dark blond or chestnut. While reds go best with burgundy or auburn.



Techniques and trends to watch out for!

Must-have products to maintain hair colour

Don’t let the term ‘technique’ daunt you into thinking that hair colouring is a complicated process. It is basically the process by which your hair will be coloured. Not to forget, the chosen technique is also the key factor that determines the final finish of your hair colour. Singh tells us, “There are different colour techniques in trend currently, including balayage, ombre, sombre, baby lights and money piece contouring face-framing.”



Must-have products to maintain hair colour

This technique blends two colours together. While the hair is darker or naturally coloured at the roots, it blends into the dye of your choice towards the ends of the hair. The finish is more effortless and doesn’t have any sharp lines that make the two hair colours look separated in an abrupt fashion.



Must-have products to maintain hair colour

This is more of a freehand hair colouring technique that doesn’t involve foils to secure the sections of coloured hair. The hair expert hand-paints the dye, starting from the tips of the hair and gradually going towards the mid-lengths of hair for a soft, gradient colour finish.



Must-have products to maintain hair colour

This is a portmanteau of two words, soft and ombre. It is a more natural-looking style of ombre that blends between two hair colours of similar tones.


Money piece contouring face-framing

Must-have products to maintain hair colour

Image courtesy @justinemarjan

This technique complements one’s face shape if combined with the right colours, says Singh. It involves giving a balayage treatment of a lighter colour to the front sides of your hair that frame your face. It’s great to add some dimension to your look. As for the latest hair colour trends, Singh informs that blended global highlights and one-toned looks with burgundy, reds, caramel browns and beige blonds are the most popular ones right now. Alongside, the colour palette also has vibrant and pastel shades such as deep purple-pink and lilac.


Expert tips to take care of coloured hair

Must-have products to maintain hair colour


Tip #1: Once you’re back home after colouring your hair, Singh recommends not washing your hair for 24 to 48 hours because the colour is still settling on your hair shaft. This is the first step to ensure your hair colour lasts longer.

Tip #2: Now, it’s time to reshuffle your haircare shelf. Singh suggests, “Use a sulphate-free shampoo, conditioner and hair serum religiously. We recommend the TIGI Copyright Color Shampoo and Conditioner, which helps to maintain the tonal vibrancy of your hair and keep it refreshed for long.”

Tip #3: Hot shower for your coloured hair is not recommended. It is always ideal to use warm or lukewarm water to wash your hair, as this helps to maintain the colour and significantly reduce fading. Once shampooed, squeeze out extra water from hair, apply conditioner or hair mask on lengths only. You may also comb the hair to help spread the product evenly. After five minutes, rinse it off with room temperature water. The conditioner will seal the hair cuticles and lock the colour inside.

Tips #4: Don’t skimp out on hair serum. Alternatively, you could use a leave-in conditioning cream to detangle your hair. The serum will add shine and protect your coloured hair from UV rays. You can use TIGI Copyright Care Colour Lustre Oil to add gloss and vibrancy to your mane.



Must-have products to maintain hair colour

Must-have products to maintain hair colour

Must-have products to maintain hair colour

-Sulphate-free shampoo to protect the hair colour.

-Colour-protecting conditioner or masque for hair colour longevity.

-Hair serum to enhance shine and protection from UV rays.

-A monthly hair spa or nourishing treatment at a salon.

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