Hair colour is a delightful fashion trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. But it is not a recent one. Agreed, the various shades and textures are something that is being explored nowadays, but hair colour has been around for quite some time. Today, we are talking about one of the oldest ways of going about colouring your hair - henna. Even though it is a popular means to colour hair, there are many more benefits that it has to offer. In this article, we are all set to tell you how to apply henna on the hair, in a way that offers maximum nourishment and a gorgeous tint to your mane.

Are you ready for a colourful ride, the herbal way? Let’s start!


1. How to apply henna on hair: but first, what is henna?

How to apply henna on hair: but first, what is henna?

Before we answer the question of how to apply henna on the hair, it is important to understand what henna is. Henna is actually a plant, and the origins of it lie in ancient Egypt, even though Indian cultures are where it found prominence. Do you know that Cleopatra too used henna? Yes, even before it became an intricate part of festivals and traditions as a beautiful means to adorn the body with designs, henna was a part of the Egyptian queen’s beauty regime.

Henna has cultural importance too. It is known to bring wealth and good luck and is also known to have protection against the evil eye. Henna, the plant, grows on deep sandy soil and requires an average temperature ranging between 35 and 45 degrees celsius to grow to its full potential.

Henna’s natural colour is orange, and it oxidises into a deeper reddish brown. Often, it is mixed with tea water and other such ingredients to give a deeper natural tint to hair, whether original or grey.


2. Types of henna

Types of henna

Many do not know that there are actually three types of henna: natural, neutral, and black. As can be understood from the above, natural henna is the best option if you want to go for colouring without any chemical additives.


3. Henna on the hair: the benefits

Henna on the hair: the benefits

Henna has a lot of benefits to offer. But for you to avail these benefits in the best way possible, you need to know how to apply henna on the hair, the proper way. Henna application is not difficult, but it requires some tricks to get the best benefits.


4. How to apply henna on the hair?

How to apply henna on the hair?

The key is to use natural henna. Whether you use it in the form of a paste derived from the actual leaves or from natural organic henna powder, it is your choice. But it needs to be chemical-free. The reason is that the chemicals and colourants present in other forms of henna can lead to hair damage and also cause allergic reactions.

So, how to apply henna on the hair? The best way is to do it via hair packs, for maximum nourishment and beautiful colour. We are sharing some of the best and no-fuss recipes here, so take note!


- Henna and multani mitti

Henna and multani mitti

This is the best package if you have an oily scalp and are having excessive hair fall because of that. This henna hair pack will ensure that you get silky soft hair, along with a healthy bout of colour, post application. However, if you have conditions such as asthma or migraine, avoid using this pack.


  • Take two tablespoons of multani mitti
  • Take two tablespoons of henna
  • Mix the two well by adding water and making a paste
  • Apply this overnight and use a shower cap for a mess-free experience
  • Wash it off in the morning

- Henna and coconut milk

Henna and coconut milk

If you have extremely dry hair, this is the henna hair mask that will give you most nourishment. It also makes your hair strong.


  • Warm around a cup of coconut milk
  • Add 10 tablespoons of henna powder
  • Mix to create a paste-like consistency
  • Apply and leave for an hour
  • Wash off with a mild shampoo
  • Use it once a week for best results

- Henna and banana

Henna and banana

Banana, along with henna, can take care of those split-ends. Plus, it is a great conditioner and leaves your hair soft and smooth after every application, adding a gorgeous shine to it.


  • Take sufficient quantities of henna powder and water to create a thick paste
  • Now, mash a ripe banana into the mixture
  • Apply this mix to the hair and let sit for 5-10 minutes
  • Wash off with a mild shampoo
  • Apply once a week for best results

- Henna and green tea

Henna and green tea

How do you apply henna on hair that is greying and also needs nourishment? The answer lies in this particular henna hair pack. This leaves an orange-red tint which looks great with black hair, quite like highlights. Plus, it is great for people with oily scalps.


  • Add a cup of henna powder to a cup of fresh green tea
  • Create a smooth paste
  • Keep the mixture overnight
  • Add a few drops of lemon in the morning
  • Apply the mixture to hair and leave it on for 30 minutes
  • Wash it all off Apply once a month for best results

5. How to apply henna on the hair: the method

How to apply henna on the hair: the method

You know the hair packs to apply. But do you know that there is also a proper method to applying henna and that the method you choose affects the texture of your hair? Here, we are giving you a step-by-step guide on how to apply henna on the hair. Make sure you follow it for best results.

Step 1: Wash, but don’t condition

Cleansing your hair is important. Wash with a mild shampoo. However, do not add conditioner as the slippery and soft consistency will not let the henna penetrate. Apply cold cream, oil, or petroleum jelly on the forehead, sideburns, and basically wherever hair meets the facial skin. This will prevent the colour from coming on the face. Wear gloves. Apply nail paint or a top coat as a precaution so that the colour doesn’t stain the nails.

Step 2: Part and apply

Comb your hair to avoid any knots and then create a centre parting. Then, take about a 2-inch wide section of the topmost layer and apply henna paste to it from root to tips. Likewise, create sections and apply henna. As and when you complete a section, twist it into a bun and secure with a bun.

Step 3: Final cover

After applying on all the sections, take a plastic cover or a shower cap and cover your entire hair with it. This ensures that the henna remains warm; the warmer the henna, the better conditioning and colouring it will provide.

Step 4: Remove gently

Henna, when dried, is difficult to remove from the hair. But you have to be patient. Moisten it first with warm water, flip your hair down, and then use a comb to gently get all the henna off your hair. It will take some time, but is worth it. Once the main layer is washed off, you can use a conditioner to slip the henna out through your strands.


6. FAQs on how to apply henna on hair

FAQs on how to apply henna on hair

Q. Can I fall sick after applying henna?

A. In most cases, henna is a fairly harmless product. However, it has to be natural henna and not neutral or black henna. Black henna especially, has been known to cause various allergies due to a number of chemicals being present. Also, do not use henna on children and especially infants.

Q. How long will the henna stay in my hair?

A. Mostly, one application stays on for around a month. However, depending upon the frequency of your hair washes, you may need to touch it up twice a month. Anyway, henna is completely natural, so even if you apply it more frequently, it will not harm your hair.

Q. Can henna be used on chemically-treated hair?

A. Usually, it is suggested you wait nearly 5-6 weeks before applying henna if you have gotten any chemical treatments done. However, it is safe to use henna otherwise as well. This is a recommended gap duration though. Q. What is the best way to cover greys with henna? A. Henna on its own has an orange tint which may not be appealing to everyone. Hence, in most cases, it is mixed with another ingredient. The most popular one is black coffee or black tea, which, when mixed with the henna colour, gives a nice coffee brown, red-brown shade has a natural effect with a hint of colour.