Here’s Why Negative Space Hair Colour Is A Versatile Look Anyone Can Sport

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Here’s why negative space hair colour is a versatile look anyone can sport
We are suckers for trying out new hair trends. Luckily, we’ve been blessed with quite a few fun and flattering hair trends this year. The latest one to have caught our fancy is the negative space hair trend. And it’s not just us, this trend has been gaining popularity in the beauty circuit too. Why? Well, we did some digging and here’s what we found out about this versatile hair trend.

What is negative space hair colour?

negative space hair colour

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The purpose of negative space hair colour is to enhance your natural hair colour with highlights and lowlights that are strategically placed in chosen sections of the hair. This is done by adding highlights around your face or fading your entire hair throughout with some balayage. It makes your base colour shine and minimises the need for regular touch-ups.


What makes negative space hair colour so versatile?

negative space hair colour

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The reason why this hair colour trend is so popular is because of its versatility. Since the highlights and lowlights depend on your natural hair colour, it won’t require the mindset and commitment to make a big change. It is laid back and won’t have you rushing to the salon to fix gaps because they were carefully placed in the first place. 

Negative space hair colour is usually very subtle, easy to pull off by any stylist and gives your virgin hair a beautiful contrast. Brunettes can experiment with caramel or golden brown highlights, which can bring out the rich pigment in their hair.

Just remember to bring reference photos for your stylist as they might not be familiar with this fairly new trend. Also, start off with just a few lighter sections in the middle and keep on adding as you get more confident with the shade. If you have greying hair, infusing a couple of darker shades in there will make it pop!

Now that you know what exactly this trend is all about, here’s how you can style it!


negative space hair colour

01. Natural hair

We love how this hair trend adds just the right amount of colour to your natural hair and frames your face beautifully. This makes it easier for us to wear our natural hair and minimises the need to style it.

negative space hair colour

02. Ultra-volume curls

Nothing makes your voluminous curls make an impact more than gorgeous highlights that involve a play of contrasts. You can show off the new dimensions in your base colour with some glamorous curls added in!

negative space hair colour

03. Bedhead buns

As mentioned before, negative space hair colour gives you the freedom to rock natural, barely styled hair and still look chic. Messy buns with a few loose tendrils (in a lighter shade) sticking out can make for an interesting hair look indeed!

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