6 Navratri Hairstyles That Will Stay Put While You Dance The Night Away

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
6 Navratri hairstyles that will stay put while you dance the night away

The festive season is definitely upon us, and you’re probably gearing up for the nine nights of garba (read: fun-filled nights of unstoppable dance and unapologetic selfies). We are sure you already have your dazzling outfits, jewellery and makeup in place, cause let’s face it, these are at the top of every girl’s to-do list for Navratri. But if you are fretting over the fact that your hair will come undone and mess up your look right after the first song, let’s just say that’s not gonna happen, not on our watch.

We rounded up six super-stylish and stunning hairstyles for Navratri that won’t budge even while you dance like there’s no tomorrow. Think classic updos, detailed braids, dainty hair accessories and lots of hairspray! These dandiya-ready hairstyles will stay put all night and make you look as gorgeous as ever all through Navratri. 


Twisted low bun

Twist and pin

A classy low bun is a festive favourite hairstyle and goes well with every Indian outfit, be it a saree or a lehenga. Make a low ponytail and divide it in two sections. Twist both sections and wrap it in a bun around the ponytail hair tie. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray. The twisted locks will make sure the bun is secure and sits tight.


Side-swept braid

Twist and pin

A fuller-looking side-swept braid is the best bet for women with super-long locks. Weave your hair in a side braid and stick a pin behind the ear to keep it from coming undone. Place tiny flowers all along the braid to add a pretty element to it.


Gajra updo

Twist and pin

How can a classic bun adorned with a gajra not be on this list? This elegant hairstyle is practically synonymous with the festive season, and a gorgeous one to rock this Navratri. Use hair gel to get a sleek look and pull your hair into a bun. Wrap a beautiful gajra around it and secure nicely.


Detailed half-up, half-down

Twist and pin

This gorgeous braided hairstyle won’t budge all night and will keep your wispy locks away from your face (so no sweaty strands to deal with). Divide your hair in two sections and braid each very close to the hairline as you go along the back. Secure both the tightly braided sections together at the back with loads of pins and hairspray.


Braided ponytail

Twist and pin

Can’t get enough of ponytails? Well, you know that ponytails don’t hold up when you are swaying and swirling to the beats. But don’t worry. Sport this braided ponytail and we promise your hair will stay put.


Twist and pin

Twist and pin

Not a fan of braids and buns? If you love a simple hairdo, try this twisted half-up, half down hairstyle. Section the crown area into three parts, and twist each till the back. Secure each neatly with bobby pins. Spritz hairspray on the bobby pins to hold the hairstyle in place through the night.

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