5 hair colours ideas for desi brides to rock on their wedding day You’ve probably already saved more than a dozen hairstyles to show your hairstylist for your wedding day, but have you thought about your hair colour? The right colour can make your hairstyle look ten times better and chicer. No kidding. Plus, it’s the easiest way to switch up your look.

But if you’re worried about picking the wrong hair colour, worry not. We’ve compiled a list of five hair colours that look oh-so-good on Indian skin tones. Scroll down to take your pick.


01. Coffee balayage

Coffee balayage

Image courtesy: @ritikahairstylist

If your heart is set on a balayage, we suggest the warm and delicious shade of coffee for that. The hue elevates natural colour hair and adds depth to jet black hair in need of some highlights. It is also a fun way to make your tresses look voluminous, and when paired with rose gold and silver ensembles, it creates an ultra-glam moment that will blind all the wedding photographers.


02. Caramel Ombré

Caramel Ombré

Image courtesy: @aanalsavaliya

Brides with multi-coloured ensembles can sometimes struggle with choosing the right hair colour to match. You can either pick the most dominant colour from your outfit and match that shade or go for a universally flattering dye like caramel. For this particular real bride look, the ombré technique keeps the hair near the roots darker, and gradually lighter waves are left to cascade down the side.


03. ‘Bronde’


Image courtesy: @meerasakhrani

If you are looking for a global colour (a shade that covers your mane root to tip), we suggest looking into the hybrid ‘bronde’ tint. A mix of blonde and brown, this shade is perfect for someone looking for a modern twist in their traditional outfit, without going too light on the shade chart.


04. Magenta tones

Magenta tones

Image courtesy: @kajolrpaswwan

Reddish tones were quite popular in 2020, and when paired with gorgeous traditional red ensembles, they were quite a statement look. The trend has somewhat transitioned itself to deeper magenta tones that only focus on the face-framing bits of hair in the front. This style lets you explore the two-tone hair trend in the bridal scene, with magenta being a fabulous tint to pair with most Indian bridal colours.


05. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

Image courtesy: @riddhima_makeover

While jet black hair is a legit hair trend in 2021, when it comes to bridal hair colour, the closest you can get to glossy black is by using dark chocolate hues. The deep, rich tone can bring a whole lot of gloss and shine to tired tresses while maintaining the integrity of your natural hair colour throughout.

Main image courtesy: @ritikahairstylist