5 Easy-Breezy, Chic Hairstyles To Survive Summer

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 easy-breezy, chic hairstyles to survive summer

Yes, sleek and neat hairstyles look gorgeous and chic, but hey, remember what happens at the end of a hot day? You end up with damaged hair and a sweaty scalp! Tightly woven fancy braids, sky high ponytails and top knots, however chic, are not the breeziest and relaxed hair choices for the toasty summer days. So better leave those bulky hairdos for special occasions (like night events with proper air conditioning) and check out these super cool and relaxed hairstyles instead, that you can rock every day...


Lazy girl braids

A bun half done

A chic loose braid that almost looks like it has come undone is a trendy hairstyle that keeps your long locks lightly tied at the back ensuring no sweaty neck moments or headache. Brush your hair back and divide it into three sections starting from below the nape. Braid it loosely and secure with a clip instead of hair tie.


Breezy half up

A bun half done

For a classy and casual half up half down hairdo, try this relaxed clutched style. It will keep your hair away from face and won’t pull or weight down your hair with a bunch of bobby pins. Take the upper half of your hair and section it into two at the back and twist inwards. Overlap the two section and add a clutch clip to hold and secure.


Bow wow!

A bun half done

A low ponytail accessorised with a cute ribbon bow is an adorable summer hairdo. Swap your high ponytail with this cool low one. To get this look, pull all your hair into a loose low ponytail and secure with a tie. Wrap a ribbon around it and tie it into a bow.


Knot, not on top

A bun half done

Top knot can sometimes be a pain, literally! So instead go for this mid high baby bun for a hot day. Brush your hair and divide it horizontally from above your ears into two sections. Take the upper section and twist it. Now wrap the twisted hair into a loose baby bun and secure with a tie or pins, whatever you are comfortable with.


A bun half done

A bun half done

This ‘I don’t give a damn’ bun is the messiest and coolest summer hairdo we have seen. And it is so easy that you can work it in less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is make a low ponytail and while on the last round of running your hair through the hair tie, leave it halfway. Wrap a strand around the tie and you’re done.   

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