5 Reasons You Notice More Hair On Your Brush In Winter — And Ways To Deal With The Hair Fall

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
 5 reasons you notice more hair on your brush in winter — and ways to deal with the hair fall

The winter season brings with it the perks of layering cute clothes and the joy of sipping hot chocolate in your cosy bed. But putting those aside, the season can also be intensely damaging to your hair. While it is normal to lose 50-100 strands every day, seasonal hair loss can claim more hair than that. Come winter, and you’ll notice a significant amount of hair fall that can be worrying. This is because the drop in temperature and lower humidity levels can strip your hair of essential moisture, making it dry, brittle and more prone to breakage.

Here are five reasons you notice more hair on your brush during the winter and the effective steps you can take to curb it.


01. The cold air is sucking out all of the moisture

You are ignoring apparent damage

The outside air is considerably devoid of moisture and humidity in the winter season. The cold air also lifts your hair strands lightly, causing moisture to escape from the hair shaft. And hair that is lacking moisture is at a higher risk of shedding and breakage. This is why when you brush your hair before bed, you will notice an increased amount of hair strands in your brush.


02. Woolen headgear does more harm than good

You are ignoring apparent damage

Speaking about headgear, while woollen beanies and cotton scarves do protect your head from the cold air, these fabrics can cause excessive friction and lead to hair loss. Wearing head coverings all day prohibits the hair’s ability to breathe and saps moisture from your hair. To avoid this, switch to silk scarves and blended wool fabrics that are gentler on the hair, limiting friction and breakage.


03. Your steamy showers are weakening your strands

You are ignoring apparent damage

While a simple humidifier can help give dry hair a boost of hydration, getting it from your shower is not advisable at all. Steamy showers are known to lift the cuticles of your hair, causing loss of moisture, dehydration, and making the hair colour you paid a bomb for fade faster. To avoid this, always stick to washing your hair with lukewarm water, followed by a cold water rinse at the end. This is because cold water closes the hair cuticles, which helps preserve your scalp’s natural oils, retain moisture, and lend a healthy shine to your tresses.

And while on the subject of hair washing, it’s essential to include products specifically formulated to reduce hair fall in your routine. The Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo + Conditioner is known to curb hair fall up to 98% with regular use. The formula contains ¼ moisturising milk and is packed with nutri-lock fibre actives that help lock in essential nutrients in your hair and fortify the fibres from within. A must-have in your winter hair routine, if you ask us.



04. Your styling routine is causing further damage

You are ignoring apparent damage

Your hair is already more prone to damage in the harsh winter season; add heat styling to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster. Heat styling opens up your hair cuticles, and overuse of dryers and straighteners damages it further. This is why it is often recommended to rock your natural texture as much as possible and stick to air drying your hair when you’re not in a hurry.


05. You are ignoring apparent damage

You are ignoring apparent damage

The longer you ignore your damaged tresses, the worse they will get. Winter damage can make your hair look limp and cause tangling. Combining tangled hair can lead to excessive hair fall because you tend to tug and pull on your hair too much. Ensure you are getting regular trims in the winter season to keep your hair healthy and breakage to a minimum.

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