If lack of vitamins is ruining your hair, get to changing your diet and haircare steps. Let’s take a look at which vitamin is good for hair fall control and how you can add it to your daily routine. 

Ever wondered why some beauty enthusiasts keep insisting on taking care of your diet to aid your haircare routine? Well, this is because certain vitamins and minerals that actually help with your hair fall and easily controls it. So stop worrying about clumps of hair coming off with your comb and know which vitamin is good for hair fall control. 

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Why does vitamins stop hair fall? 

Before we get to controlling our hair fall, let’s get to the root of the problem which is vitamin deficiency and why vitamins are good for us. Vitamins are actually responsible for hair growth and the health of your tresses. Hence, a lack of it can lead to hair fall very easily. Adding vitamins to your diet or even your haircare routine strengthens hair follicles, treats scalp conditions and stops hair loss. 

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Which vitamin is good for hair fall control? 

Vitamin A 

Who knew that carrots are good for your eyes and your hair? Also found in spinach, dairy and poultry, vitamin A strengthens your hair follicles. Well, good news, this means no more hair breakage and damage making it the perfect vitamin for hair fall control. If you’re tired of split ends or frizz, then adding vitamin A to your diet will also prevent them by fortifying weak strands. 

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Vitamin B 

You must have heard of biotin in all those shampoo ads and how its magical properties stop hair fall. Well, biotin is actually vitamin B7 and is found in whole grains, egg yolks, meat, avocados and sweet potato. This particular vitamin helps blood circulation and boosts keratin in your hair which in turn heals damaged hair as evident from the likes of the Dove Hair Therapy Dry Scalp Care Shampoo. It has niacinamide, another vitamin B component that nourishes hair, soothes dry scalp and takes care of your hair at a cellular level. 

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Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is just what you might need if your hair is thinning due to all that daily commute. It defends your hair from free radicals and has antioxidants that help in the growth of your hair. From citrus fruits like oranges to leafy vegetables, make sure you have this vitamin in your diet as it also prevents premature greying. You can also get your dose of it from the Indulekha Bringha Oil as the ayurveda oil has ingredients like amla that is loaded with vitamin C and is known to boost blood circulation and strengthen hair follicles.  

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Vitamin D 

Another vitamin for hair fall that is underrated in the haircare community is Vitamin D. Probably because our body naturally produces it thanks to the sun. But with everyone sitting at home for months due to the lockdown, lack of sunshine and subsequent vitamin D has led to hair fall and bald patches. This is because this vitamin actually creates new hair follicles. Stock up on this hero ingredient by eating oily fish, mushrooms, milk, cheese and tofu. 

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Vitamin E 

There seems to be a recurring theme in these vitamins as vitamin E is yet again another antioxidant that calms stressed hair follicles and hydrates brittle and dry hair. If your hair is breaking off in the middle while combing, you might want to turn to vitamin E in mild shampoos like Tresemme Nourish and Replenish Shampoo to hydrate your hair. It also helps oily scalp while stimulating blood circulation and bettering the health of your hair. We’ll let you in on a secret, this shampoo also has vitamins A, B and C making it your one-stop-shop for all hair fall problems as it is paraben-free, calms frizz and is gentle on the hair. 

FAQs on vitamin for hair fall 

Which vitamins help in hair growth? 

Vitamins A, B, C, D and E are good for controlling hair fall as they stimulate follicles and help accelerate hair growth.  

Can I take vitamin supplements for hair fall? 

One multivitamin supplement a day for a limited period can strengthen your immune system and in turn help the health of your hair. However, for prolonged usage, consult a doctor. 

What are the vitamins that cause hair loss? 

The natural vitamins produced through food and your body do not affect the hair negatively. However, an overdose of vitamin A, D or E due to supplement intake can cause side effects like hair loss. 

Now that you know which vitamin is good for hair fall control, add it to your diet or add all of them for an overall good health.