Periods are painful. There are medicines, ointments and a gazillion things to help with the discomfort. Alas, nothing quite helps like a tub of peanut butter or even those cheesy nachos would. But did you know there is an entire list of what to eat during periods? While a cupcake here and there can give you momentary pleasure, it may increase your cramps over time. But we are here to tell you what to eat during periods, from fresh veggies and fruits to a few greens. Don’t worry, most of it may not be as pleasurable to eat as a fresh slice of a chocolate cake, but all of it works in the best way to not only counter the menstrual discomfort but also work towards overall health, glowing skin and nourished hair.

So, are you ready for a ride that can get rid of your period pain? Let’s go.


What to eat during periods: The symptoms that should ring a bell

What to eat during periods: The symptoms that should ring a bell

Periods are hard. Forget being told what to eat during periods to calm down that pain in your abdomen, but periods come like a party from hell. They are equipped with all sorts of machinery that have been solely designed to attack your peace. Not really fond of reiterating the traumatic experience, but let’s take a look at the following. If nothing else, these symptoms will constantly remind you why you need to take care of your eating habits.

  • Periods come with the all-too-familiar abdominal cramp/pain that just takes the life out of you
  • Fatigue and a lot of lethargy is yet another thing that happens during periods
  • Feeling nauseated and have a loss of appetite? Chances are that is also because of your periods
  • Mood swings are a reality. Anytime you don’t want to chomp on our list of what to eat during periods, remember the murderous mood swings you get
  • Diarrhea is rare, but in case of extreme pain, this is also a possibility, and not a pretty one
  • Oh, the old bloating. It just comes thundering down when you are on your period's Headache, that too a massive one, is also one of the symptoms of a heavy period

1. Water


Nothing works better than the good old hydration technique. Drink lots and lots of water. This is quite helpful in reducing menstrual headaches that often happen due to dehydration. Thus, drinking an adequate amount of water should truly be on your list if you wish to get rid of all the discomfort.


2. Fruits


If water is your hydrating superhero, you have to make way for an ally that will give you energy along with it. We are talking about fruits. These are not only healthy alternatives that make you healthy and give you that glow-up but are also a great option to gorge on to while you are experiencing periods. The best part is the fuss-free nature. From apples and bananas to berries and melons, fruits not only satiate your sweet tooth, but also help a lot in taking care of your menstrual symptoms.


3. Green vegetables

Green vegetables

Don’t let the broccoli fool you into abandoning it. It may look green enough to make you green, but you can surely put it into various delicious recipes and make the best of both worlds; healthy and hearty. Not just broccoli, most of the green vegetables are a good choice if you wish to make your periods less painful. Or wait, maybe not pretty, but at least bearable? Green veggies give a boost to your iron levels and also kick up the magnesium. It takes care of the fatigue and headaches.


4. Ginger


This one’s a treat for the tea lovers out there. A hot and good cuppa of ginger tea can take away all the stress and woes, and of course, the menstrual issues too. Ginger tea is known to have anti-inflammatory effects and thus soothes the pain that comes with menstrual flow. It is also known to work on nausea. But go easy on your tea-loving tendencies or it may give you stomach aches.


5. Chicken


Craving chicken to curb your cramps? Well, good news! You can definitely indulge in the goodness of it. It kicks up your iron and protein levels, both of which are necessary for not only your period cramps but also to maintain your overall health. Just don’t go too high on fried and oily chicken. Stick to the non-oily and salad forms.


6. Fish


If you are someone who loves seafood, fish is an alternative that helps you through all your menstrual troubles. It is rich in iron, omega-3 fatty acids and protein, all of which are good for you not only during your periods but all the time for your overall health.


7. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

We told you that if you are patient enough to sit through the leafy versions, there is a treat in store for you. Here it comes! Dark chocolates are a great source of both, iron and magnesium, and work on severe PMS too.


8. Turmeric


This one is an anti-inflammatory agent and is great at reducing the bloating and pain that comes with periods. The main component of turmeric is curcumin and it is known to work well on PMS too.


9. Yogurt


Honestly, what’s not to like about the cool and creamy yogurt? Yogurt is an excellent food to have when you are turning over due to all the antics your inners are pulling on you during periods. It is also rich in good bacteria that ensure you do not get any yeast infection in the vaginal area as you menstruate.


10. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea

This is another treat for those who like to drink their tea in various ways. Sip on ginger tea if you are in the mood, and if you want a twist on your daily tea, peppermint tea is the answer. After all, given mood swings are obvious symptoms of periods, you may have yours swinging towards peppermint tea, you never know! Peppermint tea is good at fighting PMS symptoms, and also helps with menstrual cramps and nausea.


Four foods to avoid during periods

Four foods to avoid during periods

Now that we have spoken about what to eat during periods, it is also important to know what to avoid. Avoid the whites, i.e. salt and sugar. Even though it is ok in small quantities, avoid taking extra. Salt is known to cause water retention that contributes to bloating. On the other hand, too much sugar can have a sudden energy spike that can lead to a crash. Caffeine is another food that you should minimize as it causes bloating. Alcohol is further known to not only dehydrate, but also cause headaches and nausea.

Apart from the above mentioned, if you want a comfortable period, avoid spices and oils. Go for lighter foods such as soups, salads and fruits that will keep you hale and healthy. And of course, do not forget to stay hydrated!