5 Winter Detox Drinks You Must Try

Written by Urvi ShahNov 30, 2023
5 winter detox drinks you must try

We’re heading toward a season that doesn’t just bring with it a nip in the air but require us to bring out the cosy layers from the back of the closet, tweak our skincare routines, and swap our bright manicure for warm-toned hues. And while we are at it, we must also prioritise our overall health, and prep our bodies for the winter. Here are five detox drinks that promise to boost your metabolism, and keep you warm as temperatures outside dwindle. Maybe swap out that cup of cocoa for one of these drinks every now and then?


Beetroot and pomegranate juice

Apple juice

These two are excellent antioxidants. Laden with vitamins and minerals, they’re known to cleanse and detoxify the body, reduce blood pressure, boost our immunity, minimise inflammation, and improve the health of the brain as well as your stamina - among a bewildering array of benefits. Just cut one beetroot into little pieces. Open up a pomegranate, and separate the seeds from the skin. Toss the two into a blender along with a cup of (cold) water. Strain the resulting concoction with a sieve, and add some sugar for sweetness.


Ginger-lemon tea

Apple juice

This concoction can reduce pain associated with headaches, arthritis, and inflammation. It can relieve you of nausea, aid in weight loss, and strengthen your immune system. Boil a little water, add a teaspoon of (grated) ginger as well as half a lemon (juice) to it, and strain the mixture.


Coconut water with mint

Apple juice

Talk about a rejuvenating beverage that hydrates your body in the dryness of winters. A glass of coconut water, infused with a few mint leaves, has the ability to ward off disease-causing free radicals, and replenish lost electrolyte content from the body. Just collect some coconut water in a cup - you can scrape the coconut, and add the pulp to the drink - along with three or four mint leaves. Add two tablespoons of lemon juice to the mix for a dash of freshness. And that’s it.


Turmeric tea

Apple juice

Turmeric tea is known to relieve pain and inflammation, boost your immunity, and lower cholesterol levels. All you have to do is boil three to four cups of water, and add two teaspoons of turmeric to it. Let it simmer for about ten minutes, and strain the tea into a cup. You can add a little lemon, sugar, and milk for taste.


Apple juice

Apple juice

Apple juice is replete with nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin E, and these work toward packing your body with energy. Apart from hydration, studies show that this juice can contribute to the health of your heart, relieve asthma, aid weight loss, and improve your skin. Just peel the skin of an apple, and cut it into smaller pieces. Discard the seeds, and pop the fruit into the blender. You can add half a cup of water to the blender, and blend until smooth. Add more water if needed.

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