From cashews to pistachios, nuts are a snackable way to good health. And they provide a plethora of benefits as well. But the way you consume your nuts is also important. For instance, dry nuts have their own benefits and soaked ones have their own. Here, we will be talking about soaked almond benefits. We all know that almonds benefit eyes, brains and many other body functions. But how exactly do soaked almonds elevate our systems and our way of living?

Most people prefer to consume almonds in either roasted or raw form. But consuming it in soaked form is also quite beneficial, once you develop the taste for it. It offers many benefits, ranging from a good digestive system to even fighting cancer-causing agents. Soaked almond benefits are many, owing to the rich content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

In this article, we will be talking all about the benefits that these soaked nuts have to offer, how to soak them best and a lot more.


What makes them better than raw ones?

Soaked almond benefits: What makes them better than raw ones?

First things first. Why are soaked almonds better than raw ones? The most basic reason is that soaked almonds are better in taste and texture because the soaking softens the outer layer and texture of the nut, making it easier to eat, especially if older people or younger kids are having it. The outer brown covering of almonds contains phytic acid and tannins.

Soaking almonds ensures that these two anti-nutrients do not interfere with the other inherent nutrients of the nut. Soaked almonds also taste better, owing to the fact that the outer and bitter layer is removed. All in all, it is better to have soaked almonds over raw ones, any day, whether it comes to better taste or even better nutrition.


What is the best way to soak almonds?

What is the best way to soak almonds?

Soaking almond is an easy process. All you need are a couple of almonds and a bowl of clean water.


  • Take the almonds in a bowl
  • Add water so the almonds are completely submerged
  • Let the almonds be soaked for at least 8-12 hours or overnight
  • Drain out the water in the morning
  • You can either consume the almonds with the now softened skin or remove the skin
  • Dry the almonds using a paper towel

The best way to ensure you get the benefits of the soaked almond is by taking them on an empty stomach in the morning. You can even soak almonds in milk if you want more nutrition.



What are the benefits of soaked almonds?

What are the benefits of soaked almonds?

Soaked benefits are better than raw almonds not only in terms of taste, but also because it does not have the outer brown covering which has anti-nutrients that counter the nutrition within. If you want to consume almonds daily and benefit from the nourishment they contain, we would strongly suggest that you go for the soaked version over the raw or roasted ones. Let’s take a look at all the benefits that soaked almonds have to offer.

1. Helps with weight management

Soaked almonds benefits 1: Helps with weight management

Research suggests that regular consumption of soaked almonds elevates metabolism and thus helps in weight loss and management. It helps reduce the bad cholesterol content in the body and serves as a low-calorie snack, filling the nutrition requirement and avoiding obesity. It also helps reduce the water weight and fat mass in the body.

2. Improves digestion

Soaked almonds benefits 2: Improves digestion

Another aspect where having soaked almonds is quite beneficial is digestion. Having soaked almonds eases the whole digestive process. This is not the case when you have raw almonds where the outer hard layer is difficult to digest. Soaked almonds release a lipid-breaking enzyme called lipase that is known to work on the fats present in the food and thus help the body’s digestive system.

3. Good at the time of pregnancy

Soaked almonds benefits 3: Good at the time of pregnancy

Many doctors suggest the consumption of nuts during pregnancy. Cashews and pistachios are common preferences. Add soaked almonds also to the list. This is because almonds are a great source of folates which generate hormones that aid natural labour. Further, it also ensures that the baby is born healthy by doing away with risks such as congenital heart defects and neural tubes. Even though raw almonds to are a good source of folates, when soaked, the absorption power of the nutrients is increased.

4. Improves brain function

Soaked almonds benefits 4: Improves brain function

Almonds are a great source of L-carnitine that helps promote new brain cells. These nuts are also rich in phenylalanine that is known to improve memory and overall cognitive function. Further, the presence of vitamins E and B6 makes sure that there is an enhanced bioavailability of protein to the brain cells. Another aspect where almonds ace is in the presence of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and studies suggest that both help in effective brain development. Soaked almonds enhance these features and help your body absorb the nutrients better.

5. Promotes heart health

Soaked almonds benefits 5: Promotes heart health

Almonds are rich in potassium, protein and magnesium that are great for a good and healthy heart. When you soak almonds, it retains the goodness of these nutrients. However, there is still research going on to prove the same.

6. Boosts energy

Soaked almonds benefits 6: Boosts energy

Soaked almonds are a great source of potassium and riboflavin that enhance the body's metabolism and boost energy levels. This is particularly good if you are a person who loves working out.

7. Treats diabetes

Soaked almonds benefits 7: Treats diabetes

Almonds are also good at regulating blood sugar levels and thus, in some way, preventing diabetes. It is known to improve glycemic control, as per studies.

8. Improves blood pressure levels

Soaked almonds benefits 8: Improves blood pressure levels

Almonds, and mostly soaked almonds, are low on sodium and high on potassium. This makes them good at regulating blood pressure levels. High blood pressure is often associated with a plethora of issues, even serious ones like a stroke. Regular consumption of almonds prevents that and even reduces the chances of having an artery congestion.

9. Reduces cholesterol levels

Soaked almonds benefits 9: Reduces cholesterol levels

Soaked almonds are a great source of monounsaturated acids. This, in turn, lowers the bad cholesterol levels in your blood. Further, the vitamin E content in almonds is also good at fighting bad cholesterol and raising the levels of good cholesterol. Potassium and magnesium are also good at controlling the cholesterol in the body.

10. Treats constipation

Soaked almonds benefits 10: Treats constipation

If you consume soaked almonds regularly, it eases your bowel movements, thus making digestion a smoother process. The insoluble fiber content puts pressure on the stools and helps in easy passage. This helps relieve you of conditions such as constipation.

11. Fights cancer

Soaked almonds benefits 11: Fights cancer

Phytic acid has antioxidant properties that are known to prevent cancer, as per studies. Soaked almonds are a great source of these and thus help in fighting cancer.

12. Reduces hair fall

Soaked almonds benefits 12: Reduces hair fall

Having soaked almonds regularly is also good for the hair. Not only does it prevent hair fall, but it also boosts fresh hair growth and strengthens the existing hair. Further, you can even make almond paste and add it to your hair pack to get deep conditioning. Just mix the almond paste with olive oil and this will reduce hair fall.

13. Good for the skin

Soaked almonds benefits 13: Good for the skin

Regular consumption of almonds prevents ageing. Further, the almond paste can be applied on the skin to do away with the signs of premature ageing. This is due to the presence of vitamin E and other antioxidants.