Oh, how we love a hint of blush on our cheeks! It’s insane how a little rosy flush on your cheeks can make you look fresh and gorgeous in a jiffy. But it is all about applying it right. Are you applying your blush right? No, we don’t mean the tool you are using to blend or what texture you are using. We are sure you’re a pro at that by now. We are talking about the placement which depends on your face shape.

Applying blush the right way for your face shape can make all the difference. It can highlight your features and add dimension to your face. So how exactly should you be applying your blush, you ask? Here is a complete guide, where we break it down and make it easier for you. 

guide to apply blush according to face shape

Heart face shape

Since you have a wide forehead and cheekbones, apply blush on the middle of your cheeks and sweep it upwards to the outer corner of your cheekbones and temples. 

Long face

If you have a long, oblong or rectangular face shape, apply the blush on your cheekbones buffing it outwards to balance the length of your face.   

Oval face shape

Apply blush right on your cheekbones and dab the colour towards the hollow. Instead of sweeping the colour across the cheeks, dab the blush with a fluffy brush.

Square face shape

Apply some blush below your cheekbones and some on the tip of your nose to take attention away from the width of your face and draw it to the angles of your face.

Triangle face shape

To define the cheekbones, apply your blush on the apple of your cheeks and blend it towards your temples in an upward direction.

Round face shape

Apply the blush on your cheeks and sweep it out towards your ears to minimise the roundness. Apply some on your chin to add length.

Image courtesy: Instagram