5 Gorgeous Nail Colours That Are Perfect For Short Nails

Written by Anjali AgarwalFeb 02, 2024
5 gorgeous nail colours that are perfect for short nails

Some days I keep my nails on-fleek and would literally have a panic attack if (god forbid) I break one. Then there are days when I see a minutely chipped nail and chop ‘em off all…only to regret later. Sure, short nails are low-maintenance, but it’s really tough to pretty them up for a party or any glam event.

However, turns out, it’s not about the length of your nails but the colour you choose, that makes all the difference. Playing up your manicure with the right nail colours can make even your short nails look glam and gorgeous.

So whether you bite your nails, chop them off after slightest inconvenience or simply have brittle nails, here are five nails colours that can glam up your short nails in a tick.


White Vibes

Mauve magic

If you fancy a manicure that’s classy and chic, white is the nail colour for you. The chic white is the hottest nail colour RN and when rocked on short nails, adds an elegance factor to your otherwise basic nails.


Burgundy bliss

Mauve magic

If you ask us, nothing suits short nails better than dark and bold colours. A deep shade like burgundy looks great on shorty claws and checks all the boxes for a stylish manicure. Do we need any other excuse to pull it off? We don’t think so.


Classic nude

Mauve magic

Nude nail colours have a way of making your fingers look longer. If you feel your nails are making your fingers smaller, paint them in stunning nude hue. A blend of orange and brown aka rust nail colour will look oh-so-pretty on your short nails.


Powder blue

Mauve magic

Make your short and cute nails look even cuter by painting them in adorable pastel blue. It seems like this calming blue shade is made for girls with short nails. It’s trendy, cool and so rad, we can’t even.


Mauve magic

Mauve magic

How amazing is this colour? Plus, it looks so chic on short nails. Honestly, I would cuts my nails short just to wear this colour on my square-shaped short nails. Just team it with some glittery silver nail colour and you’ve got the most bedazzling manicure for short nails there is.

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