Nailed It! Trendiest Shades Of The Season

Written by Lopa KJul 18, 2024
Nailed it! Trendiest shades of the season

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If you’re on the hunt for the best nail polish colours for the season and can’t decide what to choose, you’re in the right place. Every season has its own curation of colours that stand out and become a staple in the fashion world. Remember the boom in pink nail polish colours during the Barbie hype? Us, too.  

Before we start, let’s brush up on the best practices for nail polish application. If your nail polish always looks messy no matter how careful you are, watch this easy tutorial on applying nail polish: 

So, What’s Trending Now? 

To look for the best nail polish colours of the season, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on runway trends. Exploring what's trending on social media can also be a great starting point for discovering new nail colours. 

From negative space nails to Y2K nails, Instagram and TikTok are always the first places to find popular nail finishes and nail polish trends. Let’s look at what’s all the rage this season. 

BTW you can also get the whole experience with a DIY manicure session whenever you like: 

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5 Nail Trends for Summer 2024 

From classic red to chrome nails, here are some of the stylish nail colours of this season - Summer 2024. And don’t fret, we have kept in mind that while it may be summer everywhere else, we’ve picked the shades that will also complement and brighten up our gloomy monsoon weather. 

1. Champagne 

“That's that me, espresso” may be the phrase of the season, but latte and espresso nails are taking a backseat to make way for lighter shades. While light brown and beige have always been popular for nude nails, we’re now getting a chrome finish thanks to all the celebs sporting it. So, while it is not fully brown, it is not golden either – instead, we can call it a champagne shade that looks way more subtle, thanks to its brown undertones

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The Lakmē Ultimate Glam Chrome Nail in ‘Champagne’ is one of the best nail polish colours for Indian skin. And unlike other metallic nail paints that can turn patchy, this one gives you flawless and rich coverage. 

2. Shades of Green 

There is something about emerald green that just looks so regal. Case in point – Cardi B’s green accessories for the 2024 Met Gala (including emerald accents on her nails). Green also made many appearances on nails at the S/S 2024 runways like Staud, Moschino, Bronx & Banco and Priscavera. 

And while Barbie pink is not going anywhere, green is one of the trending nail polish colours to pick when you want to switch things up.  

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3. Soap Nails 

Soap nails are the no-makeup version of nail colour. With beauty trends merging with self-care, soap nails are all about giving your nails a break, pampering them, and sporting a natural look. It’s also perfect for short nail girlies who prefer to keep things minimal. 

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We recommend adding some pizzazz to your soap nails with Lakmē's Glitterati Collection Shine Nail Colour in ‘Blushing Pink’. This long-lasting nail polish is the perfect baby pink for this trend with a subtle glittery finish.  


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4. Chrome Finish 

Chrome nails will always be an all-time favourite. If you are still not sure, get inspired by this chrome nail look by celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi at the Oscar de la Renta Pre-Spring 2025 show.  

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The Lakmē Ultimate Glam Chrome Nail in ‘Mint’ is super vibrant but also glossy that it feels like a mix of blue and silver. If were to narrow down chrome to a colour, it would be this shade. 

5. Classic Reds

Whether it’s a fiery orange-red or a dark cherry, there is something about red nail polish colours that will never go out of style. Don’t believe us? Even the different “TikTok aesthetics” of 2024 have showcased red nails—from the mob wife to the coquette girly. Basically, when in doubt, go for red.  

BTW, if you’d also like to experiment with nail art, here’s an easy hack for you: 

FAQs for Nail Polish Colours   

Q1. What’s the trending colour of the season? 

There’s always so many nail colours to pick from. But our favourite this season (barring the ones mentioned above)? Turquoise! Miranda Priestly may love her cerulean, but it seems that turquoise is here to stay. With analysts observing that Jacquemus’ latest collection sports a lot of turquoise shades, it was just about time before this colour creeped in everywhere — including on our nails. 

Q2. What are jelly nail trends? 

If you have seen this term on social media, it comes from literal jellies and their colours which are usually pastel green, mint blue, baby pink and similar translucent, whimsical shades. Some people also give their pastel colour nail polish a dewy, glazed finish while others turn to glitter to get that powdered sugar texture of sour jellies. 

Q3. How to get the shine of nail extensions on real nails? 

That shine you see when you wear nail extensions can be easily recreated with your natural nails. All you need to do is put on a high-quality, transparent top coat on top of your nail colour. This gives that shine and makes the nail polish last longer. 

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