We Tried The Lakmē Cc Tinted Serum On 2 Different Skin Types—Here's How It Performed

Written by Lopa KJul 08, 2024
We Tried the Lakmē CC Tinted Serum On 2 Different Skin Types—Here's How It Performed

The 'less is more' trend has dominated the beauty space in recent years. In skincare, it’s all about skinimalism—using only a few effective products and cutting out any extras. For makeup, the focus is now on caring for the skin, not just covering it. We want our makeup to work harder. We want it to be infused with skin-loving ingredients so that it delivers both instant results and long-term benefits.  

Enter the Lakmē 9 To 5 CC Tinted Serum, a lightweight CC serum that promises the skincare benefits of a hydrating serum with the coverage of a CC cream #LakmeSkinStylist. But does it live up to its claims? Our editors put it to the test on two different skin types. Below, we share the details. 

What is a CC Serum? 

Not entirely sure what a CC serum is? The name gives it away. A CC serum combines the coverage of a colour-correcting "CC" cream with the skincare benefits of a serum. It's packed with ingredients that improve your skin's quality over time. 

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The Product: Lakmē 9 To 5 CC Tinted Serum 

The Lakmē 9 To 5 CC Tinted Serum is the first of its kind in India. It has an ultra-lightweight formula that easily blends into the skin to offer sheer coverage and a dewy, second-skin finish. The range comes in four diverse shades to suit the spectrum of Indian skin tones. 

But the most impressive part? The ingredients. The hydrating serum formula is loaded with 2% hyaluronic acid complex that helps keep the skin moisturised and looking its glowy best. Plus, it’s also got sunscreen filters in the formula that add an extra layer of sun protection, to supplement your sunscreen. 

The Review  

Now for the fun part. Our editors tested the CC serum across two different skin types to see how it performed. Spoiler: it didn’t disappoint.  

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Kinnari Ashar, Beauty Editor

Skin type: Oily 

“When it comes to makeup, I prefer a natural look most days, with a touch of glam when needed. Skin tints, lightweight foundations, and tinted moisturisers are my best friends, especially for daytime looks. So, I was excited to try these CC serums. 

I have a light-medium skin tone with neutral-warm undertones, so I picked the shade ‘Creme’, which turned out to be a perfect match. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight and non-sticky the formula was. I used my fingers to apply it, and it blended like a dream, vanishing into my skin. 

It gave me a sheer layer of coverage that didn’t feel heavy or greasy, which is something I’m always cautious about with skincare-makeup hybrids on my oily skin. The dropper dispenser provided a controlled application and was convenient to use. It also has a mild fragrance, which was pleasant but not overwhelming. While the sheer coverage didn’t do much to cover my acne marks, it didn’t enhance my skin texture either, which is a bonus! Overall, I think I may have found a new favourite that I can rely on for my everyday makeup.” 

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Lopa K, Beauty Editor 

Skin type: Combination, sensitive 

"I have sensitive, combination skin with a few active blemishes and acne scars. One wrong product and I get a nasty breakout. So, I'm always wary of trying new base products. 

My skin tone is in the fair to medium range with a slightly warm undertone, so I opted for the ‘Latte’ shade. When I first saw it in the bottle, it seemed a bit lighter than what I usually use, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well it matched my skin tone. I think it's because of its sheer formula and how nicely it blends. 

This product blends effortlessly into the skin and absorbs quickly. I was a bit worried that the dewy finish might make me look sweaty, but that wasn’t the case at all. It looks natural, which is perfect for humid weather. In terms of coverage, it effectively reduced any redness on my skin. The best part for me? It didn’t aggravate my pimples or blackheads at all. This CC serum is definitely becoming a staple in my makeup bag.” 

Our Final Verdict 

After testing the Lakmē 9 To 5 CC Tinted Serum, it's clear that this product is a true multitasker. With its blend of 2% hyaluronic acid complex and UV filters, it offers both hydration and protection while delivering a natural, dewy finish—which works beautifully, not only on dry skin but also on combination and oily skin, as we discovered.  

If you're looking for a product that simplifies your beauty routine while keeping your skin looking fresh and radiant, this tinted serum is definitely worth trying. It’s a perfect blend of skincare and makeup, making it an ideal choice for those who want an effortless yet polished look. 

Lopa K

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