Disha Patani’s Holistic skincare routine for glowing skin

Written by Team BBDec 02, 2021

Whenever we think about Disha Patani, apart from her glorious physique what strikes us is her ever glowing skin. So, we did a little digging into her skincare routine and curated it to help you achieve that “Disha Patani GLOW!”

1) Keep it simple and consistent

Image courtesy: @dishapatani 

Disha Patani strongly believes in an easy cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime which she religiously follows every day. After all, consistency is the key to all good things in life! She uses a light moisturizer or oil to keep her skin supple and dewy.

2) Peel it off!

Image courtesy: @dishapatani 

Although she stays away from complicated skin care routines, Disha Patani masks up every weekend with a peel off mask that unclog her pores and give an instant glow!

3) H2o for the win!

Image courtesy: @dishapatani 

This isn’t something we haven’t heard before but looking at Disha Patani’s dainty glow I am inspired to down a gallon of water right now! She drinks a lot of water to hydrate her skin and sweats toxins out at the gym. No wonder her after workout face is as radiant as a bright sunny day!

4) Washing off makeup and your worries!

Image courtesy: @dishapatani 

Disha Patani has on several occasions revealed that her biggest skin secret is that she washes off makeup right after any event and avoids makeup on most days. Cleansing makeup off unclogs pores and ensures clear skin. She further moisturizes after cleaning make up off and applies lip balm at all times.

5) Skin mirrors the body!

Your skin always has subtle ways of indicating how your body is on the inside. So, to ensure clear and glowing skin, Disha Patani suggests keeping a diet neat and healthy on most days with protein and vitamin rich foods like fruits, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

Lastly, an important note from a woman to a woman is that at the end of the day you are bound to have pimples and dull skin on some days. Don’t let it bring you down and be the boss babe we know you are! Now Brb, ditching ladies night with my friends to have a skincare night with Disha’s skincare tips. Are you with us?