5 Beauty Benefits Of ‘Icing’ Your Skin

Written by Shweta Vepa VyasSep 16, 2023
5 beauty benefits of ‘icing’ your skin
Ice isn’t just meant for your favourite drink—you’d be surprised to know the beauty benefits of this humble cube. All you need to do is place a couple of cubes in a soft cloth and apply it to the affected area. Read on to find out 5 reasons why icing needs to be included in your beauty regimen.

1. It helps detox the skin

5. It helps prep your skin for makeup

Here’s what happens to your skin when you apply ice. The ice constricts blood vessels, temporarily reducing the blood flow in the said area. The body responds by sending warm blood into the area, thus boosting circulation and prompting toxins to clear up from the area. If you’re exposed to pollution on a daily basis, try this therapy thrice a week to get that fresh-faced look.

2. It reduces inflammation
Did you just wake up to a nasty breakout on the day you have to attend your best friend’s wedding? We feel you! And we have a solution. Apply ice to the affected area for 3-5 minutes, around 4-5 times in the day. As ice constricts the blood vessels, you will immediately notice a decrease in the redness.


3. It reduces puffiness

5. It helps prep your skin for makeup

Are lack of sleep and fatigue giving you puffy eyes? Well, ice will come to your rescue! Here’s what you can do: brew some green tea and allow it to cool. Next, freeze the concoction in an ice tray. The next time your eyes look puffy, put a couple of these cubes in a handkerchief and apply it to the affected area. The cold temperature coupled with the antioxidants that the tea is loaded with will reduce puffiness and also refresh the eyes.

4. It reduces acne and breakouts
When ice is applied to the skin, it minimises the size of the pores. This is turn prevents the pores from getting clogged and reduces the occurrence of acne and breakouts. By reducing inflammation ice also helps settle down existing breakouts.


5. It helps prep your skin for makeup

5. It helps prep your skin for makeup

As ice tightens the skin, it helps prep the skin for makeup. By minimising the pores, it creates an even base for your to apply your makeup. You will notice that your foundation will set in well  and your makeup will also last longer.   

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