It would be really difficult to find someone who does not love the monsoons. But we doubt if they’re loved the same by our skins as well.

The monsoons can take quite a toll on your skin, and without you even realizing it!

Your skin can lose its natural glow and becomes dull and lifeless on account of the constant pouring outside.

And oh, let’s not even get started on all the skin infections and breakouts caused!

But have you ever wondered why it is so only during the monsoons?

The main reason behind all these disastrous effects on your skin in such lovely weather is “humidity”.

Don’t worry though; we’ve got your back!

Here are some mind-boggling tips from our monsoon skincare guide for you ladies to follow this rainy season.

Incorporate these and witness how they work wonders for your skin!


#1 Wash Your Face Twice A Day!

Wash Your Face Twice A Day!

Make it a habit to wash your face twice a day with a soap-free cleanser. It will help you maintain clean, healthy and bacteria free skin without stripping your skin of its essentials oil. Choose a face cleanser that is free from sulfates and parabens though. Wash your face once in the morning and next when you’ve come back home from a long, tiring day!


#2 Don’t Skip The Toner!

Don’t Skip The Toner!

Using a toner is a very, very important part of your everyday skincare regime. It cleanses your pores deeply, shrinks them and tightens your skin. Use a toner after cleansing your face every day. Invest in a good alcohol-free toner, preferably one with antioxidant ingredients such as tea tree and green tea extracts that will help control blemishes and acne, while also removing the dead skin cells.


#3 Moisturize Like A Pro!

Moisturize Like A Pro!

Along with the rains comes a lot of humidity as well. And we really mean it when we say that the humidity literally sucks out the moisture from your skin, leaving it dull and dry.

If you don’t moisturize your skin regularly, there’s a high chance that your skin will become super dry and flaky.

We’re pretty sure that you don’t wish for that to happen!

Moisturize your face at least two to three times a day. And yes, don’t forget your body either. Keep a travel size lotion handy with you always so that you can use it anytime you wish to.


#4 Befriend Sunblock!

Befriend Sunblock!

Who says you need sunscreen only during the summers?

It’s not necessarily only the hot summer sun that damages your skin but the UV rays. Never forget to apply sunblock lotion before stepping out of your house, irrespective of the season. Use nothing below 45 SPF. This will not only save you from getting tanned but also protect the inner layers of your skin.


#5 Drink At Least 8-10 Glasses Of Water Daily!

Drink At Least 8-10 Glasses Of Water Daily!

How many of us are guilty of not drinking enough water every day?

Keeping yourself hydrated during the monsoons is really important. Make sure that you consume at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. It will keep your body hydrated and make your skin glow like that of a newborn baby!

If you’re tired of having plain water, you can always make yourself some naturally flavored detox water that you can keep sipping on throughout the day.


#6 Less Makeup, More Skincare!

Less Makeup, More Skincare!

Try to refrain from applying too much makeup during the rainy season. It will clog your pores and eventually lead to breakouts. Stick to minimal makeup and give your skin more room to breathe! Just do your brows, put some mascara on, wear a lip balm, and you’ll be sorted! Try to allow more time to your skincare rather than to your makeup and you’ll soon notice the difference yourself.


#7 Exfoliate, Honey!

Exfoliate, Honey!

Exfoliating your skin is extremely important, ladies! It is necessary for getting rid of all the dead skin cells and for healing your skin. You can opt for an exfoliating mask or even make your own D-I-Y skin exfoliator at home. Pamper your skin at least once a week, and get rid of all those impurities and dirt while also aiding in cell repair and regeneration. Make sure to moisturize your face after a nice exfoliating session though.


#8 Invest In Good Quality Anti Fungal Powder!

Invest In Good Quality Anti Fungal Powder!

The monsoons, without a doubt, lead to a considerable increase in bacterial growth on your body that you’re perhaps unaware of. There is a lot of fungal growth that further leads to infections. Your private parts especially need extra care this season since they’re most vulnerable to the bacterial growth caused by an increase in humidity.

Invest in good quality anti-fungal powder that will keep all the bacteria at bay. You can even consult your dermatologist to find one that best suits your skin.


#9 Avoid Taking Hot Showers!

Avoid Taking Hot Showers!

Contrary to popular opinion, hot showers are in fact harmful to your skin. They damage the outer layers of your skin, leaving it dry and irritated. Instead of taking hot showers, opt for a visit to the spa once in a while. If you really dread cold water, you can take a shower with lukewarm water at the most.

Also, pat dry your body with a cotton cloth instead of rubbing, in order to avoid irritating your skin.


#10 Remove Your Makeup Before Going To Bed!

Remove Your Makeup Before Going To Bed!

Monsoons or no monsoons, sleeping with your makeup on is the worst thing you can ever do to your skin. It will only lead to skin infections and breakouts.

Sleeping with your makeup on clogs your pores and causes acne. Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it?

So remove your makeup every night, without fail, before going to bed!


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