The damp and humid climate and constant contact with unclean water can have a negative impact on our skin in the monsoon. Fungal infections and other skin ailments are all too common and you’ve got to have them on your radar. Here’s a quick head’s up on what you should expect and how to avoid it…
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Nail infections

Keep your toe nails in check. Long nails are susceptible to severe infection because there’s ample room for bacteria to settle in. The rain water mixed with grime can come in contact with your cuticles and cause fungal infection.

What you should do: You must remember to cut your nails and keep them short throughout the season. To stay away from dreaded nail infections, it’s also necessary to opt for regular pedicures to give your feet a thorough cleansing. But if you don’t have that kind of time to invest, the least you can do is wash your feet after returning home and pat them dry soon after.

Prickly heat

The humidity in the air can cause prickly heat. This kind of climate causes us to sweat thereby clogging our skin pores. At such times, the sweat cannot find its way out leading to prickly heat.

What you should do: Try wearing easy breezy cotton clothing that has the ability to absorb sweat. You must also ensure that you apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you step out in order to keep yourself away from sun damage.

Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is an infection characterized by a red, itchy and moist rash on the feet. It begins around the toes and moves on to other parts of the feet. This can happen when your feet stay in moist shoes for too long and aren’t cleansed properly. This leads to a burning sensation and foul smell in the feet.

What you should do: Ensure that you opt for rain footwear like jelly sandals or even gum boots that will protect your feet from mucky rain water. Moreover, make sure you exfoliate your feet regularly to get rid of bacteria and dead skin.


Changes in the temperature and exposure to increased humidity can cause eczema, which is basically an inflammation of the skin characterized by itching, redness and scaling.

What you should do: Eczematic skin lacks the ability to retain much moisture and hence becomes scaly and itchy. So you must ensure that you keep your body moisturized if you want to stay away from it. We suggest you use the Vaseline Healthy White Lightening Lotion that hydrates the skin and also re-lightens darkened skin cells.