5 Beauty Hacks Using Baby Oil We Bet You Didn’t Know

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 beauty hacks using baby oil we bet you didn’t know

Having a baby around changes everything, doesn’t it? Your little bundle of joy keeps you busy all day long, takes away all the stress and fills your home with laughter. Their gentle and lightly fragrant skincare products have already occupied space in your beauty drawer and you are always so tempted to try them out. What if we told you that adding a few drops of baby oil in your beauty routine can actually be helpful?

Here are some genius beauty hacks using baby oil...


Tame flyaways

Makeup brush softener

Flaways can ruin your perfect hairstyle by sticking straight up. A few drops of baby oil can do wonders to tame these pesky pieces of hair. Take a few drops on a cotton pad and lightly smooth over your hair.


Remove makeup

Makeup brush softener

Ran out of makeup remover? Don’t skip your essential cleansing step! Reach out for your baby’s Dove Rich Moisture Baby Massage Oil to get rid of all that makeup and dirt. Take a few drops of oil on a cotton pad and swipe all over your face to remove the makeup.


Shiny, glowing legs

Makeup brush softener

Wearing a short dress or skirt? Flaunt away those legs! Apply a few drops of baby oil on your legs after shower while they are still wet. It’s the secret to getting shiny and glowing legs within minutes.


Cuticle moisturiser

Makeup brush softener

Cuticles tend to dry easily, even when it’s not cold. Rubbing a few drops of the Dove Rich Moisture Baby Massage Oil before bed keeps them nourished and soft. Rub it all over your palms and fingers to wake up to smooth and moisturised hands.


Makeup brush softener

Makeup brush softener

Taking good care of your makeup brushes is as important as taking care of your skin. While it is important to clean your brushes every week give them a good conditioning session every other week. Swirl the brush in a few drops of baby oil after thoroughly cleansing them. Rinse with warm water and let dry.

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