Over the decades, we’ve seen a drastic shift in perceptions of the beauty industry and its practices. With increased awareness about sustainability and carbon footprint, more and more people are switching to no-nasty products. We can understand why. After all they enhance beauty routines and benefit the environment as a whole.

But if you’re still not convinced, we have a couple of arguments to make in favour of going clean and green, right here...


01. You get clean formulas with safe ingredients

5 benefits of following a no-nasties beauty routine

Products formulated with harsh ingredients like silicones, parabens and dyes can do more harm than good for your tresses. For instance, most shampoos are formulated with silicones that simply form a thin coating around your hair cuticle to give it shine. But most silicones aren’t water-soluble and have a bad rep for causing build-up and clogging hair follicles, thus leaving your tresses dull and lifeless. Clean products, on the other hand, come with transparent labelling of the ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your hair and body. These quality ingredients give you better results, without causing damage.

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02. It is good for the planet

5 benefits of following a no-nasties beauty routine

Additives like parabens and artificial dyes are not only harmful to your beauty routine but also to the planet. They run the risk of being released into the water supply through the drain and harming marine life. Switching to a no-nasty beauty routine will ensure that you don’t release these harsh ingredients into the environment from your end. Eco-friendly brands like Love, Beauty & Planet use organic and ethically sourced ingredients packaged in 100% recyclable bottles to ensure your beauty routine doesn’t affect the planet.


03. Gentler on your skin

5 benefits of following a no-nasties beauty routine

Clean formulations and ingredients are better for your skin than compounds that you find difficult to even pronounce. Clean beauty focuses on using non-toxic and plant-based ingredients for effective results. This ensures that you’re treating your skin and body to gentler ingredients that won’t irritate or sensitise it over time.

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04. They line up with your cruelty-free approach to beauty

5 benefits of following a no-nasties beauty routine

Cruelty-free beauty products do more than rid you of guilt while purchasing your essentials. Plus, these products are generally healthier too. They are free from baddies like silicones, parabens and dyes, and formulated with cleaner ingredients, which means you’re less likely to break out or have allergic reactions while using them.


05. They consist of more nutrients

5 benefits of following a no-nasties beauty routine

Plant based ingredients are richer in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as compared to synthetic ingredients. These nutrients can help boost the health of your skin and keep it youthful. Many synthetic additives are known to strip your skin of natural oils and contribute to early ageing. So switching to eco-friendly ingredients ensures you are not damaging your skin in the process of trying to take care of it.

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