Five Reasons To Make Vaseline Lip Therapy Your Best Friend

Written by Girija NaiksatamDec 16, 2019

There’s always that one cosmetic in your vanity kit that you’re partial towards. For team BeBeautiful, this season’s winner is the Vaseline Lip Therapy. And after a few trial runs, we’re sure that we (Vaseline Lip Therapy and us) are on the brink of a very long, reliable friendship. Here’s why:

vaseline lip balm therapy


  • The essential ingredient 

All of the Vaseline Lip Therapy balms use good ol’ petroleum jelly as a base which, in fact, is one of the most reliable ingredients to soothe and moisturise skin. Use it on chapped lips to lock in moisture and keep your lips hydrated all day round.  An added advantage, the SPF, will guard your lips against UVA and B rays that cause discolouration.

  • The goodness of nature

It’s a tiny package but it’s enriched with the best natural ingredients - cocoa, shea butter, rose oil and aloe vera – all of which work wonders for sensitive skin. They protect and soothe skin, stimulate the growth of new cells, improve firmness and fix discolouration. All of this, while being completely natural.

  • All-purpose

In case you’re looking for a lip balm with dual benefits, side by the Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rose.
Enriched with some seriously potent rose oil, it’ll refine your skin and give it the nutrition it needs. In addition, it also colours, which means it’ll leave a lovely, rosy tint on your lips every time you use it.

  • All-weather

Apart from the winter, the summer sun can also cause your lips to chap and dry. But unlike a lot of the other lip balms, Vaseline Lip Therapy won’t melt in the heat, guaranteeing it a place in your holiday vanity kit. Keep it handy when the sun is out and we assure you, you won’t need to worry about being encountered with a gooey mess every time you use it.

  • Size matters

Just like the usage of Vaseline Lip Therapy is manifold, its size will ensure that you can carry it with you wherever you go. If you’re heading out during the day, it’ll fit into the pocket of your jeans, dress or shorts, and if you’ve planned a night out on the town, it’s even tiny enough to fit into your clutch.


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