5 Genius Sheet Mask Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Written by Urvi DalalNov 30, 2023
5 genius sheet mask hacks every girl should know

We fell in love with sheet masks the day we first used them! Apart from delivering our skin with a burst of hydration, sheet masks also make for a great pick-me-up before an important event or help you relax after a long and tiring day. The benefits of this K-beauty skincare superhero are truly endless.

But as beauty junkies, we are constantly looking for ways to achieve max benefits from any skincare product in our routine, and these serum-soaked babies are no exception. So, instead of simply slapping on a sheet mask and only achieving mediocre results, scroll down for five near-genius hacks on how to make the most of your sheet mask to achieve super soft, nourished and well-hydrated skin…


01. Apply facial oil before using sheet mask

05. Sheet mask in the shower

Applying a thin layer of facial oil before putting on your sheet mask is an excellent way to provide your skin with some extra nourishment. The facial oil will help all the nutrients, essences and vitamins from the sheet mask to penetrate better into your skin while boosting hydration. This little trick will make your skin feel intensely hydrated, supple and plump in hardly any time.


02. Refrigerate your sheet mask

05. Sheet mask in the shower

For those of you who have irritated, inflamed skin, try refrigerating your sheet mask for about an hour before using it. The chilled sheet mask will help in instantly soothing and calming any sort of skin inflammation, while the serum will deliver intense hydration to make your skin look moisturised and supple afterwards.


03. Use a face massage tool

05. Sheet mask in the shower

Using a gua sha, rose quartz stone or a jade roller right after taking off your sheet mask is a great way to massage your face. This is a great way to ensure that all the excess sebum is absorbed into your skin while delivering a truly relaxing and spa-like facial experience. Try it out, we promise you won’t regret it!


04. Make a DIY mask with the extra serum

05. Sheet mask in the shower

Most sheet mask packets contain a lot of excess serum that usually ends up getting wasted. But instead of throwing out the excess serum, you can always put it to good use by making your own DIY sheet mask. Transfer the excess serum from the packet into a clean zip lock bag along and put in a few cotton pads. Seal the bag and put it into the refrigerator overnight to allow the cotton pads to soak up all the serum. Take it out the next morning and place these serum-soaked cotton pads onto those areas of your face that are feeling a bit dry and lacklustre for some instant pick-me-up.


05. Sheet mask in the shower

05. Sheet mask in the shower

If you have excessively dry skin, then you’d hugely benefit from wearing a sheet mask in the shower. The steam from the shower helps in opening up your pores and allows the serum from the sheet mask to penetrate better into your skin and deliver super soft, nourishing and well-hydrated skin in no time. However, make sure to use a biocellulose sheet mask as these cling to your face better and have a very little chance of slipping down your face in the shower.

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