5 Ways To Simplify Your Skincare Routine

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
 5 ways to simplify your skincare routine

Skincare is going minimal in 2021! Apart from being economical, it generates less waste and is easier to commit to, making it a more tempting option than we previously imagined. Sure, it is easier to follow through with a 3-step routine on a day-to-day basis, but turns out, it can also do wonders for your skin. Yes, giving your skin a strategic break can be a good thing.

The first step with going minimal with your skincare approach is simplifying your daily routine, which is easier said than done. You do not want to cut out essential steps and products from your routine. Which is why you need to tailor a minimal skincare routine that suits your individual skin type and needs. Here are some tips to help you out…


01. Categorise your skincare products

Use exfoliators and face masks sparingly

Categorise your skincare products into three types, and allot how much money you spend on them accordingly:

A. The daily essentials: The essentials (cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers, exfoliants and SPF) are where you should be allotting the most funds. Use high-quality products and pick the right formula based on your skin type. You need to use these regularly as they are necessary for keeping your skin healthy.

B. The weekly indulgences: Once you have stocked up on the essentials, you can grab some weekly indulgences. Facial oils, essences, ampoules, facial masks, eye creams and others don’t have to be used every day. You can use them as when you need to. They have a ‘feel-good’ factor to them and can have a transformative effect on the skin.

C. The add-ons: This is where skin tools come into the picture. One time purchase of skin tools can help upgrade your routine. So make sure you are choosing your tools carefully.


02. Do a label check for ingredients

Use exfoliators and face masks sparingly

Most skincare staples are more or less formulated with similar active ingredients. But you can simplify your routine by understanding which ingredient to use in what form. For instance, vitamin C is best used in the form of a potent serum than a cleanser. Similarly, salicylic acid is more effective in the form of an exfoliant than a creamy cleanser. Label check your products to make sure you are not loading up on the same ingredient in different products.


03. Cut-out non-essential products for a while

Use exfoliators and face masks sparingly

Take a week to observe the products and what they do for your skin. Cut-out non-essential products like sheet masks or eye patches for a while and see how your skin responds to it. Chances are while these products may give you temporary results, they do not provide many long term benefits.


04. Leave the heavy-lifting to your nighttime routine

Use exfoliators and face masks sparingly

Many potent ingredients like retinol can sensitise your skin and make it more prone to sun damage. So instead of using concentrated formulas during the day, leave the restorative and repair work to your nighttime routine, where you can layer products without worrying about irritating your skin.

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05. Use exfoliators and face masks sparingly

Use exfoliators and face masks sparingly

It can feel daunting to mask or exfoliate daily, not to mention that the practise can do more harm than good. Over-masking and over-exfoliation can lead to over-drying of the skin. Limit your skin pampering sesh to once or twice a week, especially when planning a deep-pore exfoliation. Stick to exfoliating your face 2-3 times a week and masking every 1-2 days a week for best results.

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