6 Overnight Must-Try Vaseline Hacks

Written by Shweta Vepa VyasNov 06, 2017
6 overnight must-try Vaseline hacks
That little tub of Vaseline was a staple on all our mothers’ dressers in our formative years (and with good reason too). There’s definitely more to this unassuming little tub than meets the eye. It packs in quite a few benefits, so, keep it handy. For starters, you can try these 6 overnight hacks to enhance your beauty routine.

Relieves cracked heels

Protects hair ends

With winter just around the corner, we do hope you’re keeping a tub of Vaseline within reach. It’s the perfect remedy for those stubborn, cracked heels. Apply it generously over your feet at night and thrown on a pair of old socks. This will help lock in the moisture and you’ll wake up to happy feet!

Works as a cuticle cream

Have you been stalling that visit to your local parlour for a much-needed manicure? Well, don’t fret about it! Vaseline will work just about right. While you can use it to moisturise your hands, it works particularly well on those dry, cracked cuticles. So, slather some on while going to bed for nourished hands and nails.


Use it as a lip balm

Protects hair ends

Our mothers used it on our chapped lips while we were growing up and it still works like a charm! Keep your lips winter-safe by applying a coat of Vaseline on them overnight. Keeping it on overnight will seal in the moisture and soften and smoothen your lips.

Prevents chafing

If you’ve experienced that bothersome chafing during your workout, try Vaseline! By lubricating your skin, you can prevent that painful friction. So, if you have a workout scheduled in the morning, apply some Vaseline on the problem areas, before going to bed. In fact, for the same reason, it also works perfectly well as a diaper rash cream. So all you mommies out there, take note!


Protects hair ends

Protects hair ends

Before you go “Whaa” let us tell you, this one’s legit. Vaseline isn’t just restricted to skincare. If your hair has dry ends and you leave them unchecked, it can lead to the hair splitting. Take a small amount of the product and apply it on the ends (just like you’d apply a serum). This will nourish and protect your hair and prevent it from breakage.

Works as a post-waxing balm

If you’ve experienced irritation on your skin post waxing or even shaving, it would be best to apply Vaseline immediately after. It will soothe your skin and keep the moisture intact, so keep it in your essentials kit!

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