An At-Home Salon-Style Pedicure In Just 6 Easy Steps

Written by Riya JainSep 16, 2023
An at-home salon-style pedicure in just 6 easy steps

Salon pampering sure gives us relaxing and luxury feels, but it does come with a price. So if you are on a money crunch, but still want to pamper yourself, then worry not because you can treat yourself to a salon-like pedicure, all in the comfort of your home.

In this video, Niyati from the BB Beauty Squad shows you a step-by-step guide to giving yourself a DIY pedicure at home. All you have to go is gather the supplies you need, play some relaxing music and follow the process. You can even call your friends over and have a weekend pedicure party (just wait till quarantine is done).

What you’ll need:

Nail polish remover

Cotton pads

Shower gel

Pumice stone


Nail buffer

Nail file

Nail cutter

Body lotion



Nail polish

Step 01: Prep your nails

To give yourself a salon-style pedicure at home, the first step is removing any old nail paint from your toenails. The Lakme Nail Polish Remover is great for this as it’s enriched with vitamin E and prevents excessive dryness around the nails. Pour some on a cotton pad and hold it against the nail for a few seconds. This allows the acetone to break down the colour and remove the paint easily.

Step 02: Soak your feet

Next up, soak your feet. This can be a really relaxing and enjoyable experience. Take a tub big enough to accommodate both your feet and fill it with warm water. The higher the temperature, the better. Just ensure that it’s not burning hot. Add a little shower gel and mix well for a soapy solution. Dip your feet in and let them soak for around five minutes to soften the tough skin and cuticles.

Step 03: Scrub your feet

If you have tanned feet, then this step is an absolute saviour. Scrub your feet to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. You can use a foot scrub, or a face scrub because that works just fine too. Gently rub the scrub all over your feet in circular motions for about five minutes, paying special attention to your heels, soles, and areas between your toes. Then rinse and wipe them dry.

Now that your feet and nails have softened, use a pumice stone to gently scrub the base of your feet. The stone will remove all the hardened dead cells around the heels and the sides of your toes. 

Step 04: Trim and shape your toenails

Start by trimming your nails using a nail clipper. Next, file them into the shape you desire and finish off with a little buffing to do away with any discolouration.

Step 05: Massage your feet

The next step is to reach for your favourite foot cream or body lotion and massage your toes, feet and calves for about five to seven minutes. Massaging your feet improves blood circulation, helps you relax and leaves the skin on your feet looking healthier.

Step 06: Finish with nail polish

Take a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol and clean the surface of your nails to remove any oily residue from your lotion, as this could prevent your nail polish from sticking to your nails.

Then go ahead and apply a base coat. Once completely dry, apply two thin coats of the nail paint of your choice. After it’s dry, seal it all in with a top coat to make it last longer, and you’re done!

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