Top 5 Natural Anti-Aging Agents To Help Your Skin Stay Young

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Top 5 natural anti-aging agents to help your skin stay young

I am looking forward to fine lines and wrinkles, said no woman ever! Sagging, wrinkled skin is the biggest nightmare for anyone nearing their 40s. And while ageing is inevitable, preserving that youthful glow is totally in your hands.

All you need, is to be consistent with your skincare. Use an SPF at all times, moisturise your skin well and make the most of natural ingredients for your skincare! Natural ingredients especially, go a long way in helping you reverse the clock.

Here is how...


Keep your skin hydrated with aloe vera

Smooth on some castor oil

Aloe vera has cooling properties which makes it an ideal choice to treat sensitive or irritated skin. Add a few drops of coconut or Vitamin E oil to give your skin an extra charge of hydration. This combination will help flush toxins, leaving you with the much-desired natural glow.


Up your Vitamin C intake

Smooth on some castor oil

When it comes to fighting ageing, Vitamin C is your skin’s best friend. A healthy intake of Vitamin C not only makes your skin look great but also, protects it from sun damage, helps to fade spots and revives dull-looking skin.


A green tea facial to your rescue

Smooth on some castor oil

Swapping your sugary drinks with green tea will lessen the look of wrinkles and make your skin brighter. That’s not all! Applying green tea to your body is also very beneficial. How? Green tea contains a form of antioxidants known as polyphenols that helps skin wrinkle less. What you can do is pull out a tea bag, drink the tea and then rub the bag on your wrinkles. Let the tea bag cool down before you place it on the problem area.


Sweet treat to prevent wrinkles

Smooth on some castor oil

Did you know? Consuming dark chocolate is the sweetest treat apt for anti-ageing. The flavanols in dark chocolate help reduce wrinkles and provide extra UV protection. Need a better reason to binge on chocolates?


Smooth on some castor oil

Smooth on some castor oil

Known as the anti-wrinkle agent for centuries, castor oil is the ultimate savior you need in life! The best time to smooth on castor oil is right after a wash. This helps absorb oil quickly into the skin. Apply the oil on your face and under your eyes to moisturise areas prone to wrinkles.

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