Beauty Benefits Of Jogging An Hour Every Day

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Beauty benefits of jogging an hour every day

There are numerous benefits of jogging every day. Apart from keeping your muscles toned, your body in shape and boosting your mood, it also offers a wide range of beauty benefits. A natural fitness activity, jogging for an hour also cuts down your risk of cardiovascular disease. So, no matter what’s your reason to wear those running shoes and get going, we’re about to give you five beauty benefits of this activity.


Prompts blood circulation

Strengthens hair roots

Running circulates blood throughout your body, including the surface of your skin. This supplies the skin with oxygen and other essential nutrients that produce new healthy skin cells and help repair damaged skin. After an hour long jog take a look in the mirror and you will see happy and glowing skin.


Reduces cellulite

Strengthens hair roots

Higher amount of fat cells in the body gives an increased appearance of cellulite. Regular running tones the muscles and tightens the skin, thereby reducing cellulite. Sometimes, running can eliminate cellulite altogether as if they never existed!


Decreases stress

Strengthens hair roots

Those who regularly go for a jog know how it boosts your mood and relaxes your mind. Your body is pumping with serotonin after your jog, which makes you feel less stressed and happier. And we all know a happy mind and body is the road to happy skin!


Helps banish acne

Strengthens hair roots

Clogged pores are the number one reason for acne and blackheads. The increased blood circulation and sweat opens up the pores of your skin bringing dirt, sebum and toxins to the surface. Wipe off the sweat with a soft towel while you’re running and wear a sweat absorbing hair band to avoid sweat from the scalp running on your face. Get rid of all the dirt collected on the surface by washing off your face with a cleanser.


Strengthens hair roots

Strengthens hair roots

Yes you read that right! Increased blood circulation not only helps your body and skin but also your hair. When your hair follicles are supplied with more oxygen and essential nutrients it promotes hair growth and strengthens existing hair. Eating nutritious food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to get long and lustrous hair.

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