Rice water, hands down, is one of the most raved about product in the beauty industry right now and there are a bunch of reasons why.

Take it from us—the first to try any beauty fad—that rice water comes with umpteen beauty benefits and once you get used to using it there will be no turning back. Here is why...   


#1 Hydrates skin

#1 Hydrates skin - Rice benefits for skin

Tired of dealing with dry skin? Use rice water. It is a sure shot way to boost back the moisture in your skin. It hydrates the top layers of your skin, rejuvenates your skin cells and makes your skin look healthy, plump and hydrated.


#2 Brings back the glow

#2 Brings back the glow - Rice benefits for skin

Dull skin doesn’t look flattering, at all but it is common in winter. So ladies use rice water to bring back the lost glow and make your skin radiant again. This water promotes cell growth, stimulates blood flow, and helps keep your skin smooth and bright. All you have to do is spritz some rice water all over your skin and let it air dry. That’s it.


#3 Works as a toner

#3 Works as a toner - Rice benefits for skin

Rice water is best used as a skin toner. Not only does it unclog your pores, but it also shrinks them and tightens your skin as well. It helps reverse the signs of premature ageing and prevents wrinkles and fine lines.


#4 Double cleanses your skin

#4 Double cleanses your skin - Rice benefits for skin

If you’re looking for a natural face cleanser, go for rice water. It acts as a deep cleanser on your skin by removing dirt and unclogging pores. All you need to do it spray some rice water on a damp cotton pad and cleanse your face like you usually would.


#5 Treats eczema and rashes

#5 Treats eczema and rashes - Rice benefits for skin

Rice water has soothing properties that ease rashes and eczema. The starch present in it soothes the skin, reduces inflammation and redness and clears the bacteria. Dip a cotton pad in rice water and dab it on the affected area for 2-3 minutes. Do it thrice a day and you’ll see the effects.