There’s a right way to cleanse your face and a correct order to apply skincare products, so it isn’t too big of a surprise that there’s also a right way to dry your face after cleansing. After washing your face, the next thing you do is pick your towel and wipe your face with it – stop! You are doing it all wrong!

So what is the right way to dry your face? The answer is air-drying!

Benefits of air drying your face

Wiping your face with a towel or soft tissue after washing is the most natural thing to do. You’ve been following this method all your life. However, did you know air-drying your face is much better for the health of your skin? We’ll tell you why…

  • Towels can be harsh on your skin and can often lead to irritation and redness, especially if you have sensitive skin. Air drying eliminates the need for a towel and therefore no harsh rubbing is involved.
  • How often do you wash the towel you use for drying your face? Not regularly, right? Damp towels collect a lot of germs and bacteria. When you next use it, it will transfer these bacteria back to your face causing breakouts. No towel, no pimples!
  • We’re going to reveal a secret. Did you know your moisturiser tends to absorb and work better when applied to damp skin? To get the most out of your lotion and moisturiser directly apply after washing your face. This secret is particularly beneficial for those with dry skin.

Benefits of air drying your face

What is the right way to air-dry your skin?

Step 1: After removing your makeup, apply a foaming face wash, massaging it in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2: Swipe your hands across your cheeks and neck to get rid of excess water dripping from your face.

Step 3: Allow the air to do what you expect it to – dry your face! Listen to your favourite song, take a walk or style your hair during this time.

Step 4: Once your skin is dry, start applying your skincare products!

Tip: If you’re in a hurry stand below the fan for a few seconds to speed up the drying process.