Have you heard of ginseng? No? It's time you acquaint yourself with this powerful herb. Because, wow, the skincare benefits this root possesses are unbelievable. A fact? This human-shaped (it looks like it grows legs) root has been popularised by K-beauty. Yup, we're not surprised.

It's said that in the 1500s, a woman by the name of Hwang Jini — often known as one of the most beautiful women of the Joseon Dynasty — included this root in her skincare regimen. This led Korean women to integrate the root in their regimens too. And now that we've done our research on the ingredient, we understand why everyone's scrambling to incorporate ginseng into their beauty routines (and not just tea and honey) — for a fast-acting glow-up. It contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish the skin. Now you know that this is more than just a drinkable elixir


What is ginseng?

What is ginseng?

Before everyone watched K-beauty make a case for the root, Asian ginseng was employed in traditional medicine in multiple East Asian countries like China, Korea, and Siberia for a range of reasons. Ginseng was believed to have served as a stimulant, aphrodisiac, and anti-diabetes remedy, and it was used to treat a number of skin-related conditions like boils, sores, and swelling. Yup. And it has been associated with stress-relieving abilities as well.

Typically, ginseng is harvested for about six years before being reduced to a powder for many uses. Let's dive into the benefits of ginseng for the skin.


Benefits of ginseng for skin

Benefits of ginseng for skin

1. Reduces signs of ageing

Ginseng is known to enhance oxygenation as well as boost blood circulation in the skin, and both of these are crucial for slowing down the process of ageing. These factors accelerate the synthesis of collagen, and, in turn, deliver firming properties to your skin. This diminishes the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing developing on the skin. And because the ingredient is infused with antioxidants, it defends your skin from damage triggered by external aggressors.


2. Brightens complexion

Ginseng is known to drive away dullness and reinstate your skin’s glow. It has coffee-like energising properties that enable it to lend this glow-up. And it wards off hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin. Additionally, since ginseng contains antioxidants, it protects your skin from environmental pollutants that seep into your skin, clogs your pores, and stimulate melanocytes - leading to the surfacing of brownish spots.


3. Reduces inflammation

Since ginseng is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, it can soothe redness, puffiness and inflammation on the skin, and relieve symptoms of conditions like acne and psoriasis safely. Puffiness is a consequence of poor circulation, and we know what role ginseng plays in this case.


4. Balances oil production

It's said that this slow-glowing root's moisture-retention and antioxidant properties balance the production of oil on the skin for a natural glow.