Here’s Why You Need To Switch To An Alcohol-Free Deodorant Asap!

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Here’s why you need to switch to an alcohol-free deodorant ASAP!

Our skin and hair care products have undergone various transformations over the years. The recent and most important one being getting rid of toxic skincare ingredients and replacing them with natural and sustainable ones. The same goes for your deodorant.

Deodorant is an everyday essential and a godsend because no matter how hygienic you are, humidity isn’t kind to anyone. Two of the most controversial ingredients used in deodorants are alcohol and aluminium. If you are still using an alcohol-based deodorant, here’s why you need to make the switch ASAP.


Blocks pores

Dark underarms

Conventional deodorants have a tendency of clogging your pores. This makes it difficult for the body to perform the process of detoxification on its own. Using alcohol-free deodorants ensure the skin’s pores are not blocked so the body can perspire naturally, minus the odour.


Causes irritation

Dark underarms

Alcohol-based deodorants can irritate the skin quite easily, especially those with sensitive skin. Spraying a deodorant on waxed or shaved skin can further harm the skin causing irritation, redness, bumps, uneven skin texture and leave you with a stinging sensation. The Dove Original Moisturising Cream Deodorant is free of alcohol and offers long-lasting odour protection.


Leaves yellow stains

Dark underarms

Did you have to throw away your favourite white shirt because of the yellow stains on the underarm area? Blame your deodorant for it. The presence of aluminium in these deodorants cause yellow stains and no matter what you do, these stains don’t budge. Therefore, if you love your white shirts a little too much, go ahead and make that switch.


Dark underarms

Dark underarms

Blame shaving all you want, but the truth is that alcohol-based deodorants cause discolouration in your underarms. It can also cause severe dryness and the friction makes matters worse. Therefore, the first step towards lighter, softer and smoother underarms is switching your deodorant ASAP!

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