Vitamin C Benefits That Will Convince You That It Deserves Top Spot In Your Vanity

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
Vitamin C Benefits That Will Convince You That It Deserves Top Spot In Your Vanity

When it comes to vitamins packed with maximum benefits, the one named ‘C’ always takes the cake. This antioxidant-rich vitamin is not just beneficial for your body, but it is your skin’s BFF too! Topical application of this vitamin in the form of serums, moisturisers and creams corrects uneven skin tone, dullness, fine lines, rough texture and acne scars.

Adding a product rich in Vitamin C to your routine is an absolute must. Don’t worry; it won’t be an extra step. In fact, it will tackle so many skin concerns at once that you won’t need to follow an elaborate skincare routine. Here are all the reasons why Vitamin C deserves a top spot in your vanity.


Benefits of Vitamin C For Skin

FAQs about vitamin c for skin


Potent antioxidant

FAQs about vitamin c for skin

Vitamin C is widely known for its antioxidant benefits and has been touted to be a secret weapon for skin of all ages by many skin experts. This nutrient has the ability to rebuild your skin’s DNA at a cellular level, thereby boosting collagen and repairing UV damage. Many dermatologists recommend a Vitamin C serum for the best skincare results as it is a lighter formulation than a moisturiser and absorbs easily into the skin. The all-new Lakmé 9to5 Vitamin C+ Facial Serum is formulated with kakadu plum extracts that have 100x more Vitamin C than oranges, helping you get all the antioxidant and skin-brightening benefits you need.


Reverses sun damage

FAQs about vitamin c for skin

Prolonged sun exposure does a number on the skin; this results in sun spots, roughness, fine lines, and, in some cases, flaky skin too. Topical application of Vitamin C protects your skin from UV damage as well as repairs damaged skin cells. It is important to include a Vitamin C-rich cream along with your sunscreen during the day. The Lakmé 9to5 Vitamin C+ Day Creme is a lightweight formula that contains an active concentration of Vitamin C, which helps to get antioxidant benefits and skin brightening efficacy. It also helps to stimulate collagen production in the skin.


Makes skin soft and supple

FAQs about vitamin c for skin

Your skin is a thirsty organ and needs a lot of hydration. While you may be drinking copious amounts of water, it gets distributed among other organs in the body. This is why external hydration is important to keep your skin nourished. Did you know Vitamin C has the ability to retain water and can prevent the skin from getting too oily or dry? Applying a cream or moisturiser rich in Vitamin C will keep your skin moisturised for a long time, ensuring it stays soft and supple.


Improves skin tone

FAQs about vitamin c for skin

Dark patches of skin or hyperpigmentation occur when your skin produces excess melanin (the pigment that lends your skin its colour). Although it is not harmful, everyone dreams of even-toned and glowing skin. Topical application of Vitamin C, especially at night, may inhibit the production of tyrosinase (an enzyme that contributes to melanin production). The Lakmé 9to5 Vitamin C+ Night Creme is a storehouse of Vitamin C. Infused with active Vitamin C content in the form of ethyl ascorbic acid and moisturising ingredients like shea butter and murumuru butter, this creme helps repair and nourish your skin to reduce hyperpigmentation while you rest at night.


Doesn’t irritate the skin

FAQs about vitamin c for skin

You can easily add Vitamin C products to your current skincare routine because they are gentle and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. So, if you are worried that it might irritate your skin, rest assured that it won’t happen if you use it correctly. It works well with most ingredients; in fact, Vitamin C can enhance the effectiveness of some products. You can use it in combination with Vitamin E, ferulic acid and more.



FAQs about vitamin c for skin

FAQs about vitamin c for skin

Q. What are the benefits of Vitamin C serum for skin?

A. A serum is packed with potent ingredients and is believed to be far more effective than any other skincare products. Adding a Vitamin C serum in your skincare routine will increase collagen production, reduce hyperpigmentation, brighten complexion, protect against sun damage and accelerate scar healing.

Q. When should I apply Vitamin C serum to my face?

A. You can apply a Vitamin C serum on your face once or twice a day. Apply the serum after using a toner and before slathering on moisturiser. Don’t forget to slather sunscreen in the daytime because exposure to light can lower the effectiveness of Vitamin C.

Q. Does Vitamin C fade dark spots?

A. Topical application of Vitamin C impedes melanin production. This helps fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation and give you an even-toned and glowing complexion.

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