The 3 Best Times To Apply Body Lotion For Maximum Hydration

Written by Anyuktha NallaniNov 30, 2023
The 3 best times to apply body lotion for maximum hydration

Name a better feeling in the world than rubbing your hands against freshly moisturised skin that feels supple, bouncy, and hydrated — we’ll wait. The fact that moisturising is key to healthy skin is no news. But did you know that it’s essential to apply moisturiser at the right time to reap the full benefits? Yes, you read that right. Ahead, we’ve listed down the best times to apply body lotion for maximum hydration. Happy moisturising!


1) After a shower

3) Before hitting the bed

If you reach out for your body lotion the minute you step out of the shower, kudos, you’re doing it right. Your skin has the most moisture when it’s wet, and applying body lotion on damp skin increases the efficacy of the product. So slather on moisturiser the minute you step out of the shower to seal in the hydration and keep your skin supple and bouncy.

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2) After shaving

3) Before hitting the bed

Apart from getting rid of unwanted hair on the body, shaving also removes the top layer of the skin. That’s why it’s super important to moisturise your skin post-shaving to keep it from turning dry, as well as soothe the skin from razor burns (if any).

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3) Before hitting the bed

3) Before hitting the bed

Picture this: You have just stepped out of the shower, moisturised your body, got into your jammies, and lay cosily in your quilts feeling your soft supple skin against the blanket. It’s the most satisfying feeling ever, right? The night is when your skin and body rejuvenate, so it's important to feed your skin with the best skin food — body lotion. Studies suggest that the optimal time for skincare is between 10-11 pm because skin replenishes and repairs itself the most during this time.

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P.S. It's important to moisturise two times a day. So choose your routine and stick to it. And, don’t forget the most important moisturiser of all time — good ol’ H2O!


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