Different Types Of Waxing You Should Try

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurMay 27, 2019
Different types of waxing you should try
In the times of shaving, waxing still remains to be a favourite hair removal technique for many women. One of the main reasons why women like to practice this foolproof hair removal technique is probably because hair doesn’t grow back for a longer time as opposed to shaving. But did you know that the wax itself has different variants? Every different type of wax serves a different purpose and caters to skin specifics that you may want to target. For example, chocolate waxing helps you not just get rid of the hair, but also rejuvenate your skin. So, if you’re a fan of waxing (a sentence we thought we’d never hear) here are different types of waxing you can try!

Soft wax

Chocolate Wax

Soft wax is the most preferred and widely used form of wax. You know the wax that your parlour lady smears on your body? That’s soft wax (usually made up of paraffin or beeswax.) It’s further divided into two types—hot and cold. To put it simply and as the name rightly suggests, hot wax is heated, softened and is less painful as compared to cold. Cold wax is a semi-solid form of wax that’s already applied on the strips and it’s more painful but effective.


Hard Wax

Chocolate Wax

Hard wax is used for smaller areas of the skin, like upper lips, eyebrows and underarms. This wax is applied on the area when it’s warm and then left to cool down and harden, post which the hair is pulled out. Hard wax does no damage to the skin whereas soft wax can really pull the skin, making it itch.

Both of these are suitable for normal skin, however, if you have sensitive skin, we suggest you stay away from both the above to choose something that’s more suited for you.


Fruit Wax

Chocolate Wax

Do you have sensitive skin? Or does the thought of your parlour lady ripping the strips off your skin dread you? Fruit wax is here to sort you out. It’s enriched with fruit (mostly berries) extract and is rich in antioxidants that aren’t hard on your sensitive skin. It’s gentler than soft wax and doesn’t pull your skin. It can fall on the expensive side, but the results are assured!


Sugar wax

Chocolate Wax

In sugar wax, or sugaring, the key ingredients (apart from sugar, obviously) are lemon and water. We all know that sugar and lemon are God’s gift to mankind, be it for food or skincare! You should opt for the sugar wax if you have oily or sensitive skin, or even if you’re prone to rashes caused due to unknown products. It’s completely natural and doesn’t pull your skin, although it can get a tad bit messy. But that’s almost every type of wax. So, go ahead and give sugaring a try!


Chocolate Wax

Chocolate Wax

Chocolate isn’t just a calorie induced treat that we all love. It’s got a whole bunch of skin benefits that can help achieve younger looking, healthier skin! This property of chocolate is incorporated into waxing. Chocolate waxing not only removes the hair, but also helps you get bouncy, glowing skin. It’s enriched with oils that contain moisturizing properties! So, if you’re looking at combining skincare with hair removal, chocolate waxing is what you should opt for.

Now that you know about different types of waxes for hair removal, go ahead and make your monthly hair-ripping ritual a little more fun!

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