Discover The Best Face Cleansers For A Deep Clean

Written by Lopa KApr 19, 2023
Discover the Best Face Cleansers for a Deep Clean

Are you in the mood for a deep cleanse? A face cleanser and scrub can do wonders for your skin if you know how to use them effectively. Like the deep cleaning of our homes before a festival, an everything shower or curly hair routine, we also need to pay extra attention to our face every few days. To encourage the skin cell turnover, rejuvenate it and leave it squeaky clean, let’s try a deep cleanse.

Discover Best Face Cleansers: The Basics

Okay, so you know that a face cleanser gets you ready for the day and later helps wash off the day’s accumulated dirt. But the same cleanser can deeply cleanse your skin on certain days with the additional help of a face scrub. So, if you have been wondering about a certain streaky patch on your cheek or trying to pinch out a blackhead, maybe it’s time for a deep cleanse. Well, we’ve come up with a list of the best face washes and scrubs for every skin type that you can try out.

Discover Best Face Cleansers for a Deep Clean


1. Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash

For a gentle face cleanser that suits all skin types, we love the Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash as it is free of soap, artificial colour and all other harsh chemicals like parabens and alcohol. Instead, it uses vitamins like vitamin B to hydrate the skin and vitamin E to soothe the skin. For the deep cleansing part, it makes use of a gel formula along with triple purified water to get rid of all the dirt and grime without irritating your skin. It also happens to be non-comedogenic so you don’t have to worry about any clogged pores.


2. Lakmé 9 to 5 Vit C+ Facial Foam

Are you not confident that your face wash is reaching all the nooks and crannies? Use an in-built brush to deep cleanse your skin like the one that comes with the Lakmé 9 to 5  Vit C+ Facial Foam. If your skin’s lipid barrier has been damaged to the extent that anything you apply dries out your skin, then this vitamin C face wash is for you. Did you know that vitamin C is also known to even your skin tone and fade out blemishes? Well, with its soft bristles and cleansing formula, this cleanser exfoliates your skin and leaves it clean and fresh. Say goodbye to dull skin today!


3. Pond’s Pure Detox Foaming Brush Facewash

Want an oil-controlling face cleanser for oily skin that doesn’t actually dry out your skin but just controls the excess sebum? Well, you’re in luck because the Pond’s Pure Detox Foaming Brush Facewash which happens to be free of harsh chemicals like sulphates does exactly that! The activated charcoal in it makes sure that you still have your natural glow while going pore deep to clean your face. It also happens to have that exfoliating brush that makes life simpler by exfoliating and gently massaging your skin.


4. Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Brightening Facial Foam

Another multi-purpose face wash that not only deeply cleanses but also works on brightening your skin of any dark spots and moisturises it is the Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Brightening Facial Foam. This face wash uses niacinamide to even your skin tone while washing away the day’s dirt and grime. Get a radiant finish every time you use it thanks to its in-built and soft brush that makes it easy to exfoliate and wash your face.


5. Lakmé Gentle & Soft Deep Pore Cleanser

If you have been looking for a face cleanser for dry skin, why not use one that is loaded with avocados, vitamin E and antioxidants? Add the Lakmé Gentle & Soft Deep Pore Cleanser to your skincare routine today as it works on bringing back moisture to dry skin to leave it soft and supple. On top of that, its deep cleansing formula unclogs the pores and purifies the skin of the day’s grime, makeup, sweat and pollution. All you need to do is, take a little bit of the cleansing milk on a clean cotton pad and wipe it all over your face before washing it with water.


6. Pond’s Pure Detox Face Scrub

Along with a face wash, on days you want to get into each crevice and exfoliate your skin, a face scrub can do wonders. Whether you have breakouts or sensitive skin, a gentle scrub like the Pond’s Pure Detox Face Scrub is perfect for you. Like its face wash counterpart, this scrub is free of any harsh chemicals but uses activated charcoal to easily scrub away the grime and dead skin cells, and fade sun tan. Additionally, it also has a blend of vitamins B3 and E to smoothen and even your complexion while also delaying premature ageing due to pollution and dust.


7. Lakmé 9 to 5 Vit C+ Scrub

Want a face scrub that is loaded with some skin-loving ingredients like vitamin C? The Lakmé 9 to 5 Vit C+ Scrub is infused with all the best parts of vitamin C to not only exfoliate your skin but brighten it and give it a healthy glow. It gently dislodges the grime and blackheads from your pores while also repairing the skin cells from within to rejuvenate your skin. If that wasn’t enough, it also uses walnut shell powder and licorice extract to smoothen and clear your face. 

How to do a Deep Cleanse

While you should wash your face in the morning and night every day, you can do a deep cleanse every once or twice a week. A deep cleanse should include a face wash and an exfoliating scrub to clear the grime and dead skin buildup and massage your face to help with blood circulation.

  • Start off by wetting your face. Take a few pumps of the face wash and apply it to your face and neck. Using the exfoliating brush, evenly spread it and gently massage your skin in a circular motion.
  • Rinse off the face wash and then turn to the scrub.
  • Squeeze out a little bit of the product and apply it all over your face.
  • Gently rub it all over your face for a few seconds. Finally, rinse it off thoroughly.
  • You can follow it up with a face mask, facial steam and a moisturiser.

FAQs about Discover Best Face Cleansers for a Deep Clean

Q1. What is a deep cleanse?

Different from your everyday regime, a deep cleanse is a lengthier routine that works on a cellular level to treat your skin. It is done once or twice a week and is mostly done in your nighttime routine. It can include a face wash, exfoliation, massage, facial steam, mask, face oil and moisturiser. The steps depend on your skin woes and can help in controlling excess sebum, clearing dead skin cells and unclogging pores.

Q2. Can I deep cleanse every day?

You don’t need to deep cleanse every day, just once or twice a week is good enough. If you wear a full face of makeup and travel every day, have oily skin or acne-prone skin, you can double cleanse instead with an oil-based cleanser and then a water-based cleanser.

Q3. What is the difference between face wash and face scrub?

A face wash uses a liquid form of chemicals, actives and natural ingredients to clean your face of dirt, makeup, sweat and oil on a surface level. A face scrub uses exfoliants aka particles such as microbeads for a mild abrasive effect. This rubs at the buildup left on the skin to clear out and unclog pores. Some formulas also use a dissolving agent to dissolve or dislodge the sebum and blackheads clogging the pores.

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