5 Beauty Ice Cubes You Can Diy With Natural Skincare Ingredients

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 beauty ice cubes you can DIY with natural skincare ingredients

You might know that massaging your skin with an ice cube has many beauty benefits, but did you know that you could take your ice massage a notch higher and reap some extra benefits? That’s right! You can freeze the natural skincare ingredients and use them to get flawless skin. Not sure how? Read on to see all that you can freeze to make your very own beauty boosting ice cubes to target various skin woes.

DIY beauty ice cubes

Aloe vera and coconut oil

This ice cube with aloe vera gel and coconut oil is best for dry and flaky skin.  Aloe vera and coconut oil both have moisturising properties and when applied to the skin can leave it soft and smooth. Put fresh aloe vera gel into an ice tray and pour one tablespoon of coconut oil into it. Mix with the help of toothpick and freeze. Apply twice a day for amazing skin.

DIY beauty ice cubes

Green tea

To relax your tired and puffy eyes and lighten the dark circles, trust frozen green tea ice cubes to do the job. While the antioxidants in green tea work on ageing signs like wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles, the cooling sensation de-puffs and relaxes the eyes. Massage the cube on your skin for 7-10 minutes and rinse.

DIY beauty ice cubes


Milk has lactic acid which is excellent for reducing red spots, pigmentation and improving overall health of your skin. Milk frozen into cubes gives you an instant glow and spotless skin. Fill your ice tray with raw milk and freeze. Use it in a massaging motion every night before going to bed.

DIY beauty ice cubes

Berries and honey

Ice cubes shrink and tighten open pores which helps in fighting acne and excess oil production. This berry and honey cube will help you zap the excess oil and hydrate skin at the same time. It works wonders for combination skin as well. Blend some berries and honey and freeze the mixture. Massage your skin with the cube every day for best results.

DIY beauty ice cubes


Coffee ice cubes are a perfect recipe for glowing skin. While the ice rejuvenates your skin, coffee lends a natural glow. For your dull and dreary skin, brew some coffee beans in boiling water and transfer the decoction into the ice tray. Glide the coffee cubes all over face and neck and rinse with cold water.

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