Diy Rice Water Toner For Glowing Skin

Written by Kaajal SinghSep 16, 2023
DIY Rice Water Toner For Glowing Skin

Ever since K-Beauty took the beauty world by storm, many techniques have surfaced and adopted all across the globe by beauty enthusiasts. One of the most popular being, rice water. It hydrates your skin, brightens it, adds a healthy glow and even tones it. If you’ve always skipped a toner fearing harmful chemicals, you won’t have to anymore. 

Include this wonder product in your beauty regimen and see the changes!

Here is how you can make your own rice-water toner with just two simple ingredients.


Things you will need:


● Half cup white rice

● Water

● A spray bottle




● Start with rinsing white rice in a strainer to remove any dirt that may be attached to it.

● Now place the rinsed rice in a clear bowl filled with normal water.

● Let the rice sit in the water for about 30 minutes to let all the essential vitamins and minerals from the rice seep into the water.

● Next, separate the rice and water after 30 minutes by draining it and collecting the water in a clean bowl.

● Transfer the water in a clean spray container and store safely in your refrigerator for 3-4 hours.

● Voila, your DIY rice water toner is ready to use!

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