Cleansing wipes are the easiest and quickest way to get rid of dirt and light makeup on the go. Most women carry this versatile and lightweight product in their bags at all times. And it has saved us from several beauty faux pas and helped us refresh our look without doing our makeup from scratch.

Procrastinators (read: lazy girls) and those who don’t have the time for an elaborate skincare routine often replace foaming cleansers with facial cleansing wipes. However, this can wreck their skin and cause breakouts, if not done correctly. Here are a few dos and don’ts of facial cleansing wipes every girl should follow.




  • Know the difference between cleansing wipes and makeup removing wipes

It is important to know the difference between all those facial wipes available in the market. The ones that will remove stubborn eye makeup are different from those designed to clean your skin down to the pores. Read the label carefully before making a purchase.

  • Use wipes during long drives and flights

Long drives and flights can make your skin greasy and tired. Before you reach your destination simply swipe a cleansing wipe over your face to feel refreshed and rejuvenated instantly.

  • Wash your face after

Sure cleansing wipes remove surface dirt and other skincare/makeup products sitting on your skin. But relying simply on facial wipes can wreak havoc on your skin. A deep cleanse with a foaming face wash is essential to get rid of all the deep set impurities.




  • Rely only on wipes

It is a good decision to start your cleansing routine with a facial wipe but relying only on that is a huge skincare mistake. It is not the most effective way to eliminate makeup, sometimes these wipes can push makeup deeper into the pores and lead to skin problems.

  • Be too harsh

We know you want to take off maximum dirt and makeup at this step of your cleansing routine but rubbing it against your skin is not going to help. Wipe gently starting at the jaw line and going upwards.

  • Use wipes that contain alcohol as an ingredient 

Your skin is delicate and you should carefully choose skincare products which don't irritate it. Most wipes contain alcohol as the main ingredient, however this can make the skin dry and cause problems. The Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes is alcohol-free, contains the goodness of vitamins B5 and E, making it suitable for every skin type.