You have your 10-step extremely moisturising routine for K-beauty and natural ingredients boosting the popularity of J-beauty. Well, now say hello to our very own in-house trend – I-beauty aka Indian beauty. Perfect for the Indian weather, concerns and skin types, there is no better way to follow a routine than to adopt one that is literally tailor-made for you such as moisturizer for oily skin, sunscreens and the whole shebang. Well, let’s get into what exactly is the Indian skincare routine. 

What is an Indian Skincare Routine? 

Apart from the usual skin type, our Indian skin falls under one of two categories. Hydrating the skin in dry weather or mattifying in your humid, sea-side coastal homes. And no matter where you are, you cannot avoid the sun’s burning gaze, so you have to pack up on your SPF. So, Indian skincare basically takes into consideration our skin type, all the different issues we may have like acne or blemishes, pollution and daily travel and finally our weather conditions.  

This means cleanser is a must to get you ready for the day and also help wash off the day’s grime, sweat and makeup. Next comes the serum to tackle any particular issue such as acne, premature ageing, rough texture, dark spots, and all that jazz. Of course, to make the most out of your serum and to also keep your skin hydrated and youthful comes the dreaded moisturiser.

No, wait, hear us out! Dry skin girlies move on, this is for the oily skin gang who think they can skip moisturiser since they have naturally excess oil. Well, we hate to break it to you but if you don’t keep your skin moisturised and hydrated, your skin will work overtime which then leads to excess oil production, wrinkles and saggy skin. So, yeah get your hands on a moisturizer for oily skin stat! Though, fine you can try out lightweight, non-sticky ones to avoid the excess greasiness of having oily skin and living in a hot, humid place. Finally, finish up your daytime routine with your trusty sunscreen. Even if you are not heading out, the sun rays filtering through the window and the blue light from your laptop and phone can cause some serious photodamage. 

Steps to an Indian Skincare Routine



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Looking for a daily facewash that does it all? Look no further than the Lakmé Micellar Pure Facewash. This gentle formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid, not only hydrates your skin but also takes care of the stubbornest grime and makeup residue. You'll love the refreshing afterglow it leaves behind. Thanks to the inclusion of niacinamide, it works wonders in fading dark spots and evening out your skin tone. Plus, the micellar water component ensures a deep pore cleanse. To use, simply take a small amount, apply it on damp skin, gently massage and rinse.  



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For those with sensitive skin, the Simple 10% Vitamin C + E + F Booster Serum is a game-changer. This non-comedogenic serum is gentle and free of harsh chemicals like parabens and artificial fragrances. It boasts a powerful combination of vitamins C, E, and F, which not only brighten your skin but also repair the skin barrier and provide essential moisture. The non-sticky formula quickly absorbs, bringing life to dull skin while evening out skin tone and texture. To apply, dry your skin first, take a few drops, and pat it all over your face using gentle motions. Say hello to vibrant, healthy skin!  



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If you're in search of a lightweight, chemical-free moisturiser that suits all skin types, the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser is your answer. Formulated with multivitamins and borage seed oil, it effectively moisturises and smoothens the skin without clogging pores. This oil-free moisturizer for oily skin lasts for a solid 12 hours, leaving your skin soft and well-hydrated. After allowing your serum to absorb, take a pea-sized amount of the moisturiser and gently dot it all over your face and neck, then massage it using outward circular motions.



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Sun protection is non-negotiable, and the Pond's Serum Boost Sunscreen Cream SPF 55 has got you covered. This lightweight sunscreen suits all skin types and boasts an impressive SPF 55 and PA++ rating, effectively blocking 97% of both UVA and UVB rays. It doesn't stop there; it also shields your skin from free radicals like pollution and blue light. With its sweat-resistant formula and quick absorption, it's easy to incorporate into your daily beauty routine. After your moisturiser is fully absorbed, apply an amount of sunscreen that covers the length of your index and middle fingers, ensuring all exposed skin areas are protected—ears, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet included.  

FAQs on Indian Skincare Routine 

Q1. Why is moisturiser important? 

Moisturizer for oily skin plays a crucial role in skincare as it helps maintain the skin's hydration levels. It prevents dryness, flakiness and discomfort by sealing in moisture and creating a protective barrier on the skin's surface. Proper hydration is essential for skin health, as it helps maintain its elasticity, suppleness and overall appearance. 

Q2. What natural ingredients do Indians use for skincare? 

India has a rich tradition of using natural ingredients for skincare. Some commonly used natural ingredients include turmeric, sandalwood, neem, aloe vera and coconut oil. Turmeric is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and brightening properties, while sandalwood is used for its soothing and cooling effects. Neem is prized for its antibacterial qualities, aloe vera for its soothing and healing properties, and coconut oil for its moisturising benefits. 

Q3. Why is Indian skin patchy? 

Indian skin often exhibits uneven pigmentation due to higher melanin levels compared to Western skin. Melanin is responsible for skin colour and helps protect against UV radiation. However, it also makes Indian skin more prone to issues like skin discolouration and tanning when exposed to the sun.