Your Full Guide To Green Apple Benefits For Skin 

Written by Anushka ShahOct 24, 2022
Your Full Guide to Green Apple Benefits for Skin 

Amp up your skin game with delicious game changer, green apples. Taking you through the benefits of green apples, this  article is all about giving you that fab skin. 

If you’ve been swayed by the delicious taste of green apples, you should know that they are not only great in acai bowls and pies, they also take their greatness to the health domain. Yes, that’s right, their sweet-sour charm and crunchiness can be a blessing for your skin probs. Which means, an apple a day doesn’t only keep any doctor away but the dermat too. To tell you all about green apple benefits, we’re here with an unmatched list that’s going to make you slice and dice green apples to all your meals!  

Top Benefits for Green Apples in Skincare  

Chew your way towards fab skin! 

Add these A1 additions to your diet by introducing them to your salads and smoothies; some crunch really changes the game here. They can be had early in the day, as a post or pre-work snack. Plus, they aren’t really tough to source and has several beneficial proteins, fibres, nutrients and minerals. Know more below. 

Benefit #1  Anti-Aging Ingredient 

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Troubled by those fine lines and wrinkles, well before panicking and loading your cart with a bag of creams and gels, turn to your kitchen; where the organic remedies live. We’re talking about green apple benefits. The first benefit of green apples is it’s anti-ageing property. Loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and phenols - this group of 3 plays a major role in delaying premature ageing - which means, the early signs of ageing won’t be visible until time. The free radicals in one's body are what catalyse wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. However, this can be combated by regularly indulging in a green apple drink. Making this juicy glass as a part of your diet can aid your body fight these free radicals and have a better hold on the quick signs of ageing. So, what’s the wait for - unlock your youth, one sip at a time.  

Benefit #2 Eliminates Dark Eye Circles 

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We’ve all been there, ready to step out but pulled back by the look of those dark circles. Whether genetic or a product of time, this change of shade under the eye can easily dull any look down - which is why a remedy other than concealer is essential. Which is why,  green apple benefits will work wonders for you. Tbh, it’s so very tasteful when used for beauty issues too. To make the most of it, topically apply fresh apple juice to make room for it in your diet and with consistency, you’ll see your dark circles lighten. So, get that good night’s sleep and munch on some green apples to put the dark circle drama to rest. 

Benefit #3  Improves Skin Texture 

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Ever noticed your dermis under the sun or in studio lighting and hated the texture? Well, I guess most of us have been there and done that. However, to deal with it you don’t need to cake your face with chemicals, you can just fall back on green apples benefits. Invest in great great mask infused face mask . This beauty companion can hydrate your skin and do away with signs of upcoming wrinkles and uneven texture. You can amp the mask regime by adding green juice to your diet as well - after all, it only leaves your skin increasingly hydrated. To make the most of the benefits of green apples, you can also consider getting your hands on a green apple facewash. In this case, it’s all the more the merrier.  

Benefit #4 Controls and Prevents Pimples 

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It’s no secret that those dark red pumps are not only painful to deal with but also painful to look at. After all, they make an entire skin patch sensitive and hurtful. To do away with acne and breakouts, turn to green apple benefits. Full of vitamins, they are sort of the kings of vitamin A and C, and zinc, which are compounds that promote healthy and unblemished skin. To use green apples to enjoy clear skin, all you gotta do is make it a part of your meals. We’re talking at least one green apple every two days - for those wowing benefits and zero eruptions.  

Benefit #5 Prevents Skin Diseases 

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Several times, improper skincare can leave the skin at the risk of catching a bunch of skin diseases - which can be pretty serious. We’re talking, eczema and cancer. Which is why, having a skincare regime that is warranted by a profession is necessary. In addition to that, making way for green apple juice should also be on the health charts for one of green apples' benefits is that it ensures that the skin gets the required levels of nourishment, while shielding the skin from any potential skin issues.  

If you’re looking for the green apple benefits packed in a bottle, we love nothing more than the Lakme Blush & Glow Green Apple Apricot Scrub. Giving your skin that fresh kiss of apples, the right amount of exfoliation and the perfect amount of hydration - this facewash ticks all the boxes. Giving you that healthy glow, it makes everyone ask - is it makeup? And that secret is yours to share! 

FAQs about Green Apple Benefits for Skin   

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Q1 How to select the right green apple? 

When looking to pick the best green apple, look for ones that aren't discoloured, soft or have any bruises. If you’re rethinking buying from a local vendor, you can also get your hands on pre-bagged ones. However, this way you won’t be able to touch, feel and smell the fruit - for it is integral to stay away from ones that have a distinct musky smell; they can do more bad than good.  

Q2 How do green apples help prevent skin cancer? 

Green apples are rich in vitamin C; a special vitamin that doesn’t allow your skin to be damaged by free radicals and thus reduces the chances of skin cancer. 

Q3 How do I store green apples?  

If we’re talking about the ultimate way of increasing the lifespan of your green apples, it would be storing them in your refrigerator. However, don’t just toss them in, wrap them carefully in perforated plastic bags and sprinkle some water on them. Doing this will allow them to stay crunchy and fresh for almost two to three weeks.  

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