Home Remedies For Glowing Skin

Written by Team BBJun 19, 2017
Home remedies for glowing skin
Radiant, glowing skin is all a girl needs but then who has the time for regular visits to the dermatologist or even the parlour! Well, guess what? You don't need to resort to any of that anymore! With a few alterations to your lifestyle, you can get there. Here are a few tips…

Remedies from your kitchen

Lemons, potatoes and tomatoes have anti-tanning properties and work as skin lightening agents. Because of their citric properties, lemons and tomatoes help you get rid of the blemishes and dark spots on application to assist you with skin that has a natural glow and is spot-free.

Thirty minutes of yoga a day

Yoga, especially positions with inversions, improves blood circulation in your body and to your face. Make it a habit to fit in about twenty minutes of yoga asanas and pranayams a day and you’ll start to see the change in your skin within a matter of months.

A balanced healthy diet

Digestive problems lead to acne and a lack of nutrients and vitamins can cause dull skin! Basically, all skin problems find their roots in the food we eat. If you want good skin, make a change to your diet and include skin-benefitting foods such as fish, nuts, grains and greens.

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