The sun is known to do your skin more harm than good. The sun spots, early ageing, tan and uneven skin tones are all summer souvenirs that the sun has forced on your skin. But that still is no reason why should shy away from the sun. Ladies, here is an easy four step skin repair regime to adopt for a healthy happy summer skin.
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Summer start with a serum

Start your day with a post shower serum to accelerate your skin rejuvenation. A post shower and pre SPF cream product to revel your skin is a good idea to ready your skin for the sunny day ahead. Kick start your day with the Pond's Age Miracle Intensive Cell ReGEN Serum whose active ingredients get easily absorbed in the skin to accelerate the renewal of skin cells.

Summer day care

It goes without saying that a SPF cream is a summer must have. Fight all that summer skin damage with Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day Cream SPF 15 PA++. Daily use of this luxe feel moisturizing Day Cream not only renews skin cells but also fights wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and age spots. So dawn this one solution product and get ready to step out and embrace the sunny day.

Cleanse, rinse, repeat

After a hard day’s work your face needs a complete cleanse. Off with all the impurities, oil and dust please and all that with a facial foam that not only rinses off youth dulling impurities from your face but also readies it for the night repair. Lather up your face with Pond’s age miracle Cell ReGEN Facial Foam and let it cleanse your skin of all the day damage.

Night repair regime

Yes the day cream is a must to sun guard your skin but that’s not all. You need a night cream to repair and rejuvenate your skin. This is when the Pond's Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream comes in handy. The cream does all the hard work while you are asleep. All you need to do is to slather on the night cream and while you sleep, let Pond’s Night Cream work hard to repair accumulated damage, and help your skin repair itself.