Natural skin care products are formulated to make our skin healthy, glowing and better looking. However, these products should be chosen carefully, as not all products and ingredients suit every skin type and at times are loaded with chemicals that will show quick and temporary results but won’t do anything for your skin in the long run. The wise thing to do before developing a skincare routine and wasting time on trial and errors, is to consult a skin expert who will analyse your skin type and problems and recommend the best solution.

Another wise thing to do is to develop an at-home natural skin care routine. This includes using natural ingredients from your pantry to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin on a daily basis. This is a safe method for every skin type, including dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin (if you are not on any strict routine set by a dermatologist). It is easy to develop and follow, does not require too much effort and guarantees healthy and flawless skin. These inexpensive solutions are handmade, smell amazing and give you the skin of your dreams.


1. Cleanse


Cleansing is the first and the most important step of any skincare routine, therefore it is important to first determine your skin type and the ingredients that will suit it. However, we believe in a two-step, double cleansing process to ensure a thorough and deep cleanse. The first cleanse will take care of the superficial dirt and the second cleanse will address the deep-set oil sediments. Read on to find out how to clean both, the surface and the deep-set dirt using natural skincare ingredients.

  • Dry skin: Start your natural skincare routine by removing dirt and makeup using some castor oil. Massage a few drops of castor oil all over the face and wipe it off with a cotton pad. Follow this up with a paste of gram flour and yogurt and wash it off after massaging for a few minutes. 


  • Oily skin: Coconut oil is non-comedogenic and a natural skincare ingredient that is safe for oily skin type. At the end of the day remove oil, dirt and makeup using coconut oil and wash your face using Fuller’s earth or multani mitti to remove excess oil.


  • Combination skin: Those with combination and normal skin type can use olive oil for surface cleansing and for deep cleansing, make a mixture of ripe papaya, milk and oatmeal, massage all over the face and wash.

2. Exfoliate


Another important, but often forgotten skincare step is exfoliation, it is essential for every skin type to slough off dead skin cells to reveal the healthy glowing skin underneath. Use these natural skincare scrubs for each skin type mentioned below.

  • Dry skin: A gentle scrub using sugar and olive oil can be massaged on the skin in gentle, circular motions to get rid of any dead skin. Do this only once or twice a week to ensure you don’t ruin the protective barrier of the skin.


  • Oily skin: To remove impurities, deep cleanse pores and get rid of excess oil, use this natural skin care scrub. Mix equal parts of sea salt and olive oil and massage the face in upward circulation motions. Be gentle and use your fingertips while scrubbing the face.


  • Combination skin: This skin type is a little tricky to work with, therefore we recommend using a mixture of brown sugar and honey and massaging all over the face in circular motions. Focus on the T-zone area rather than the cheeks as the sugar will help absorb excess oil.

3. Moisturize


Here's a great skincare tip: no matter what your skin type, moisturise like your life depends on it! Your body needs water to stay healthy and feel fresh, similarly, your skin needs moisturisation to stay nourished and look plump. Wondering what the natural skincare moisturizers you can use are? Read on to find out.

  • Dry skin: Rosehip oil is an excellent ingredient that women with dry skin type can use to moisturise their skin. It not only prevents dryness but also prevents early signs of ageing which is common among those with dry skin. Take a few drops on your fingertips and massage gently in circular motions until absorbed.


  • Oily skin: Fresh or store bought aloe vera gel is an excellent ingredient for those with oily skin type. Aloe gel is the gentlest nourishing and soothing ingredient for your skin. Apply it after cleansing and toning your skin and let your skin absorb the goodness of this skin superfood. You can add a few drops of essential oils such as tea tree to keep problem associated with oily skin at bay.


  • Combination skin: Those with combination skin type can go for argan oil. Rightly called liquid gold, this oil contains loads of skin benefits. It gets easily absorbed by the skin and keeps it nourished for a long time. Apply it in the morning before wearing makeup to keep your skin soft and moisturised all day long. 

4. Mask


Last but not the least, applying a face mask is one of the most relaxing things you can do for your skin and mind. Depending on your skin type, use a nourishing, cleansing or glow-inducing mask every weekend or on your day off to give your skin the love it deserves. Watch your favourite TV shows or read a book as the natural skin care ingredients work their magic. Here are the type of masks you can use for each skin type!

  • Dry skin: Instead of relying heavily on oils to nourish your dry skin, pick a natural skincare ingredient that contains fatty acids. We suggest an avocado and honey face mask that will soothe and moisturize dry skin and protect the skin’s natural barrier. Mix half a ripe avocado with a tablespoon of honey, mix well and apply evenly all over face. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes before washing.


  • Oily skin: Most face masks will suggest using a clay base but that can sometimes strip your skin of its natural oils completely. Instead, try a mixture of ingredients that will remove excess oil without stripping it off totally. An egg white and aloe vera gel mask works wonders for those with oily skin type. Mix one egg white with two tablespoons of fresh aloe gel and apply all over face. Wash after 10 minutes.


  • Combination skin: We saved the best for the last, you would want to eat this mask as a dip! In a blender add yogurt a few fresh mint leaves and blend until smooth. Save some of it as a dip and use the rest as a mask on your face. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.