Facial oils are having a huge moment right now. Irrespective of your skin type (yes, oily skin too), experts highly recommend including a facial oil in your skincare routine for intense hydration and soft, supple skin.

But simply rubbing some oil onto your skin isn’t going to give you the desired results. In fact, if not used properly, facial oils can end up clogging the pores and leading to breakouts (yikes!).

But don’t let this deter you, because by simply following the steps mentioned below, facial oils can prove to be god-sent and really do wonders for your skin. Without further ado, let’s begin…

how to apply facial oil

Step 01: Facial oils work really well when included in your night time skincare routine. But you need to ensure that your face is thoroughly clean before applying the oil or else the dirt and build-up on your face can mix with the oil and clog the pores — and that’s a nightmare you definitely wanna avoid. Hence, always clean your face with some micellar water like the Ponds Micellar Water and a gentle face wash like the Simple face wash before moving on to the next step.

Step 02: Facial oils should always be the very last step in your skincare routine. Therefore, after you have cleansed your face, finish applying your toner, serum, moisturiser, etc. before using any type of oil.

Step 03: Take a two drops of your favourite facial oil on your palm and then rub them together to slightly the warm the product up. Next, simply the pat the oil onto your face. It is important to never rub the product into your skin as this leads to a lot of pulling which can cause premature wrinkles. Extend the product to your neck and décolletage as well.

And you’re done! Doesn’t get easier than this, does it?