No Time To Take A Shower After A Workout? Here's How To Fake It

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
No time to take a shower after a workout? Here's how to fake it

We read somewhere, “It’s not sweat, it’s the workout glow.” Agreed, the rolling sweat beads look amazing while you run on the treadmill or lift those weights. However, this feeling dims a little when the person next to you shifts because they can’t bear the unpleasant odour. That’s why it is almost instinctual to take a shower post-workout. But what if you’re running late and don’t have the time for a shower? You obviously don’t want to be stepping out smelling unpleasant. That’s why we have listed out a few ways by which you can freshen up after a workout without showering. Check it out…


01. Clean up with wipes

Sprtiz on a face mist

No time to shower? No problem, just clean up the sweat and grime off your face and body with a towel or wet wipes like the Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes. This will clean the sweat and also reduce the chances of odour causing bacteria growth — all without stepping a foot in the shower! These no baddies cleansing wipes have triple purified water, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E in its formula that helps hydrates, cleanse and nourish your skin on the go.


02. Change into clean clothes

Sprtiz on a face mist

It’s always a good idea to carry a change of clothes in your gym bag. This habit helps greatly on the days you can’t hit the showers after working out. Sweaty clothes can lead to bacteria growth on the skin, clogged pores and even lead to acne on the body. So, make sure you carry extra clothes to change into after working out. This will ensure your skin remains safe and on the days you are running late, it will help you fake a fresh look.


03. Use a dry shampoo

Sprtiz on a face mist

Greasy, dirty hair can quickly give away the fact that you skipped taking a shower post-workout. So, make sure you use a nice dry shampoo like the Dove Coconut Dry Shampoo to keep your hair clean and fresh. This dry shampoo helps revive your oily, greasy hair by conveniently absorbing excess oil from your scalp, cleansing it and adding volume to your mane. It makes your hair look pretty and lends a beautiful scent of coconut and sweet lime to your mane.


04. Roll on some deodorant

Sprtiz on a face mist

It’s no secret that a workout can leave you sweaty, and well, stinky too. That’s why a long-lasting deodorant like the Dove Original Deodorant Roll On For Women is a must-have! With no alcohol or paraben in its formula, this roll-on deodorant is made with ¼ moisturising cream and offers up to 48 hours odour protection. It keeps you smelling fresh, while also smoothening and evening out your delicate underarm skin — what more could you ask for?


05. Sprtiz on a face mist

Sprtiz on a face mist

Always, we repeat, always keep a face mist like the Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist Toner handy in your gym bag. Your face can turn dry post cleansing, making you look dull and tired. This refreshing face mist won’t only hydrate your skin, but also sheild it against free radicals and signs of ageing. We love!

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