It doesn't matter what your skin type is — oily, dry, sensitive, or combination — everyone wants clear skin. Our quest for clear, radiant skin has led us down many paths, some fruitful, and some we'd rather not talk about. But over the years, we've amassed a bunch of clear skin tips that will answer all your 'how to get clear skin' queries satisfactorily. The best part about these tips? They work for every skin type, too! So if you thought your goal to get clear skin was far-fetched, we've got you covered. These tips consist of the easiest way to get clear skin fast and naturally, so make sure you take notes and incorporate them into your skincare routine ASAP.


How to Get Clear Skin

How to get clear skin


1. Wash Your Face Twice A Day

1. Wash Your Face Twice A Day

This one may seem a little obvious to some of you, but you'd be surprised at the number of people who refuse to wash their face twice a day. If you're especially prone to breakouts, cleansing your face at least twice a day — once in the morning, and once in the evening — can make the world of a difference if you want clear skin.

Think of AM-cleansing as refreshing your face and prepping it for the day that lies ahead, and PM-cleansing for getting rid of all the dirt and grime accumulated through the day. This can help prevent unwanted breakouts, blackhead formation and more since the cleanser will get rid of acne-causing bacteria and impurities on the face.


2. Use A Cleansing Brush

02. Use A Cleansing Brush

Now, we're not saying that you need to use a cleansing brush every single day; in fact, using a cleansing brush every single day can do more harm than good, since it may cause mini-abrasions on the face that can cause scarring.

However, using a cleansing brush a couple of times a week can help you get clear skin naturally, since cleansing brushes take off grime and makeup from your face, while exfoliating the surface too. Simply add a couple of drops of your go-to cleanser on a cleansing device, and use it to exfoliate your face. Make sure you're gentle! Being too harsh on your face can cause redness, sensitivity, and even more pimples.


3. Opt For The Right Cleanser

03. Opt For The Right Cleanser

A lot of people may be tempted to try a face wash that their friend recommended or they saw in an ad — but does that mean it'll work for them? Absolutely not! Finding the right face wash is key to getting clear skin; I used a face wash my mum recommended for years and couldn't understand why I was breaking out, but the moment I switched to another one more suited to my skin type, my pimples went away!

The ingredients in your face cleanser matter a lot, too; if you think salicylic acid will help you clear your skin, but you have dry skin, you may actually experience more breakouts since the ingredient is drying for your skin. You'll experience opposite results if you have oily skin — salicylic acid will balance out your skin, and get rid of your pimples too. Always be mindful of the cleanser you choose for your face, since it could define what your face will look like for years to come.


4. Try Acne Treatments

04. Try Acne Treatments

If you have stubborn pimples that resemble angry-looking cysts, it may be time to turn to acne treatments. Many topical treatments exist that can help you fight acne — from retinoids to benzoyl peroxide — and help you get clear skin.

If you think you could clear your skin with acne treatment, you should definitely go to a dermatologist and get your acne checked out; they'll help guide you better, and may even recommend treatments that can help clear out your skin.


5. Moisturise

05. Moisturise

Moisturisation is an often overlooked, but very necessary step in getting clear skin. If your skin is oily and you refuse to moisturise it for balance, for instance, your skin will keep producing excessive sebum that will cause more breakouts. The same way, if you have dry skin, your skin may produce excessive oil to overcompensate for the dryness, which will break you out too.

When you're looking for a moisturiser that can help clear out your skin, try to look for moisturisers that are designed for your skin type specifically — for instance, those with oily skin should look for lightweight, water or gel-based moisturisers, while those with dry skin should look for richer creams. Also, if your skin is particularly breakout-prone, opt for moisturisers that are noncomedogenic. That means the moisturiser won't clog your pores, hence preventing further breakouts too.


6. Exfoliate Regularly

06. Exfoliate Regularly

Again, we're not asking you to exfoliate every single day since that might cause tears on the skin; but take out time for exfoliation a couple of times a week, and make it a part of your PM routine! Regular exfoliation helps get rid of excess dead skin cells that would otherwise overstay their welcome on your face and lead to breakouts.

Plus, they can make you age prematurely, and no one wants that! Whether you want to go the OG scrub route where you whip up a DIY potion or even if you're more inclined towards chemical peels and AHAs, pick your weapon of choice and hop aboard the exfoliation train already. You'd be surprised at how effective exfoliating is for clear skin.


7. Wear Sunscreen

07. Wear Sunscreen

We can't stress this enough — always, always wear sunscreen. Not only does the sun cause oil glands to become overactive, thus leading to breakouts, but if you're on a skin treatment — like retinol, for example — your skin can become more reactive to the sun and break out, in order to purge the harsh chemicals. Opt for an oil-free, water-based sunscreen and apply it in regular intervals, especially when you're outdoors.


8. Stop Picking At Your Skin

08. Stop Picking At Your Skin

Popping pimples is satisfying AF, but save the satisfaction for your online watchlist, and if you've got pimples, do not pop them at any cost. The old adage of 'pop one pimple, and you'll get three more' holds true, since popping a zit can expose the skin to more bacteria, and increase the chances of getting another one, along with scarring and infections. If you've got a zit that really hurts, BTW, go to a dermatologist ASAP — they can perform special treatments that'll help you get rid of 'em like they were never there.


9. Get Your Beauty Sleep

09. Get Your Beauty Sleep

'Beauty sleep' here means sleeping without stress! If you've been feeling the anxiety and haven't been getting your full eight hours, your skin will be stressed out too — and cause acne. Plus, if you're sleep-deprived, you're more likely to be more susceptible to zits and fine lines. Before sleeping, build a calming ritual sans all electronics that'll help you relax a little bit, and get some shut-eye after. Your dreams of clear skin may just become a reality after all!


10. Be Mindful of What You Eat

10. Be Mindful Of What You Eat

We're declaring sugar, enemy number one when it comes to clear skin; there's a high connection between sugar-based foods and acne. It doesn't matter if you love your chocolates or can't get enough of your pizzas; cutting back on carbs, sugars, and processed food, in general, can help you clear out your skin like no other. We're not saying you need to cut them out completely, either — just follow the less is more ideology with these, and balance them out with fruits, veggies, and healthy protein.